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be employed in (doing something)

To spend time engaged in some particular activity. I was employed in scrubbing mildew off the bathroom walls when the telephone rang, so I wasn't able to take the call. Master Jenkins is currently employed in studying for his final exams, so I'm afraid he won't be joining you this evening.
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employ (someone) as (something)

To employ someone in a particular role or job. I thought they were going to employ me as a file clerk, but because they needed help with data entry, I wound up doing that instead.
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employ (someone) for (something)

To employ someone in a particular role or job. I thought they were just going to employ me for filing, but because they needed help with data entry, I wound up doing that instead.
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employ (someone) in (something)

To employ someone to work in a certain area. I applied for the job as file clerk, but they employed me in data entry instead.
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employ a steam engine to crack a nut

To use excessive, overcomplicated, or extravagant means or force to accomplish something relatively minor or simple. With this new system of issuing licenses, the government has employed a steam engine to crack a nut: four separate departments now handle each stage of an application, when a single department could easily process applications from start to finish.
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employ someone as something

to pay someone to work in some capacity. I employed Fred as a personal secretary for about three months. Can you employ me as a stock clerk?
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employ someone for something

to hire someone for a particular purpose. I employ him for special chores around the factory. Kelly employed Walter for emergency repairs on the night shift.
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employ someone in something

to pay someone to work in a particular type of work. I employ Tom in machine maintenance. Laura is employed in accounting.
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Kenny Toal, executive producer, added: "Mission Employable is a programme aimed at a mainstream audience and a programme that will be enjoyed by both deaf and hearing youngsters alike."
Bank Muscat launched Jesr al Mustaqbal in 2012 in line with a directive by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to provide releA[degrees] vant educational and training opportunities for Omani youth to develop employable skills.
While a formal education is certainly important, an employable What graduate to smarter brighter
"This study project is hugely important as it found that, while no effect was shown on measures of social, physical or task-attractiveness, owners of profiles containing correct language were rated as more employable than owners of those containing incorrect language, or text speak.
'Jesr al Mustaqbal' is aimed at helping young Omanis belonging to social welfare families to receive proper education and vocational training that will enable them to develop employable skills and improve living standards, social and economic status and thereby contribute to the development of the country.
Mirante II was recently honored by the City University of New York's (CUNY) John Jay College of Criminal Justice for his commitment to supporting the College's initiative to provide Veterans with a high-quality education and employable skills upon their return from military service.
Sure, volunteering and running marathons on the weekends is personally fulfilling, but they could also make you more employable. More than 2,000 hiring managers were asked in a recent CareerBuilder survey what factors would make them more likely to consider one candidate over another equally qualified candidate.
This is one of the report's key conclusions: "Even though India produces more than five lakh [500,000] engineers annually, only 17.45% of them are employable for the IT services sector, while a dismal 3.51% are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on projects.
Women in the UAE who wear the hijab consider non-hijab wearers less attractive, less intelligent and less employable, a study into attitudes towards the headscarf has found, writes Sean O'Driscoll...
Tokyo, Aug 21, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) - In a recent Employee Insights Survey of female professionals in Japan, 77% of respondents believe women are less employable if they decide to start a family.
Against the backdrop of the ongoing crisis, only 5% of the employable Bulgarians have their own business, according to an annual report of the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA).
Here Aston Business School will demonstrate the career guidance and industry standing that will help make their 2013 MSc graduates some of the most employable in the country.
Resulting in many of them being more employable, than their non-academically gifted counterparts who remained within the comprehensive system.
The chef believes it's in everyone's best interests if the prisoners pay something back into the system by working, especially if it gives them the chance to gain a nationally recognised qualification and makes them more employable on their release.
The cause of high unemployment among youth is the lack of employable skills needed by the job market.