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lay emphasis on (something)

To put particular emphasis on some topic, issue, or aspect. Our school is aiming to lay emphasis on individual styles of learning, rather than focusing on standardized tests and curriculum. Bring up the difficulties the project has faced, but make sure you lay emphasis on all the success you've had.
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lay emphasis on something

 and lay stress on something
to place emphasis on something; to emphasize something. When you present this explanation, lay emphasis on the matter of personal responsibility. I'm afraid I laid too much stress on the notion of good attendance. If you are really sick, stay home!
See also: emphasis, lay, on
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Using the emphasis on the term "wisdom" in Samson Agonistes, Gay highlights the developing insight that the protagonist acquires after his blinding and bondage.
The third area of emphasis is how stress influences physical health, including 1) basic research investigating how affect, attitudes, beliefs, and values influence perceived stress, individual differences in the biology of stress, and interactions between stress and behavioral risk factors for disease; 2) behavioral, affective, and biological mediators of the relationship between stress and health or disease; 3) the evaluation of mind-body interventions (e.
Special emphasis is placed on understanding the physiological and psychological differences in coaching children.
The emphasis on flows of spendable resources meant that there was no information on the cost of governmental activities.
Emphasis on the symbolism of the bread may well lead to the inference that this is only a symbol, and not the real Body of Christ.
As with the emphasis on values, Gaintner's new emphasis on community mission instills a sense of connection to something larger, a context and purpose for the work.
Emphasis said monster waves in quick succession pummelled the vessel in the waters near Dawahon Island between the provinces of Bohol and Leyte.
Solar power is the most popular energy source on this question, with 79% of Americans saying the country should put more emphasis on it.
Other studies of sexual health training that included Canadian medical schools have assessed topic "coverage", which is based on the percentage of programs that taught a topic but does not necessarily reflect the degree or depth of emphasis.
Country: , USA, Hong KongSector: Leisure/Arts, Air TransportTarget: Emphasis Video Entertainment Limited, Entertainment in Motion IncBuyer: Advanced Inflight Alliance AGVendor: PubliGroupe AG (Emphasis)Type: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Rights issue, DebtStatus: Agreed
The 24 states and two territories which operate their own OSHA programs are encouraged, but not required, to adopt a similar emphasis program.
CSB recommended that OSHA issue new regulations on combustible dust and implement a Special Emphasis Program.
Former President Deng Xiaoping, who began China's market-oriented reforms, appears in the junior and senior high school versions, with emphasis on his economic vision.
Most of these identified effects relate directly to the emphasis on testing and accountability resulting from NCLB.