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lay emphasis on (something)

To put particular emphasis on some topic, issue, or aspect. Our school is aiming to lay emphasis on individual styles of learning, rather than focusing on standardized tests and curriculum. Bring up the difficulties the project has faced, but make sure you lay emphasis on all the success you've had.
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lay emphasis on something

 and lay stress on something
to place emphasis on something; to emphasize something. When you present this explanation, lay emphasis on the matter of personal responsibility. I'm afraid I laid too much stress on the notion of good attendance. If you are really sick, stay home!
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In the area of tool software, the data analysis indicated that there was a significant difference in emphasis given to graphics/drawing: F(2, 72) = 4.6l, p = .01; data base, F(2, 74) = 5.90, p [less than].01; presentation software, F(2, 72) = 5.90, p [less than].01); and hypermedia, F(2, 74) = 14.16, p [less than].001.
Emphasis said the water was calm although it was windy when they left the port.
Since 2013, support for "more emphasis" on natural gas production has dropped 10 percentage points and there has been a five-point drop in the percentage who want more emphasis on oil, possibly reflecting that the U.S.
The goal of the present study was to document the current status of topic emphasis and teaching methods used in sexual health training in all Canadian medical school programs in family medicine (FM) residency, obstetrics and gynaecology (OBG) residency and undergraduate medicine (UGM) (51 programs in total; 17 for each discipline).
Emphasis: Chamber music, repertoire, sight reading, theory and composition.
Gallagher (2004) pointed out that schools need gifted students' high test scores to bolster the overall averages, and, with current emphasis on inclusion, if average and below-average students are doing test-taking exercises, then so are the gifted students.
the Han Confucians' belief that a child was undeveloped at birth and the emphasis on education, especially moral education and "fetus education." This emphasis on education paralleled the emphasis on merits that also became the treasured values of Han child prodigy.
The emphasis on maintaining individual physician autonomy denies the growing complexity of health care and resists acknowledging the professional interdependencies that are essential to maximizing patient safety and quality of patient care.
The review articles are useful-many could be assigned as readings in advanced undergraduate or graduate courses--but the coverage of subjects is not especially consistent in emphasis or approach.
Picture the entire concept of learning and teaching as a spectrum: on one end we have the traditional style of learning the content; on the other end the emphasis is on learning the processes of learning--learning how to learn.
In recent years, the strict emphasis on cost, combined with strict end-strength limitations, has led to a reduction of in-house technical expertise and, some believe, if maintained over the longer term, will lead to the possible elimination of NWCF entities.
Other FTB audit emphasis for businesses include sales factor, unity, business/non-business, enterprise zone credit; and the manufacturer's investment credit.
The plan lays forth an increased emphasis on leveraging scientific advances to benefit human health and longevity.
Agribusiness news, markets, and feature programming important to the lives and livelihood of the farm, ranch, and the rural lifestyle group with emphasis on cotton and sorghum production.
The major points of emphasis for the two defensive players (X1 and X2) in Diags.