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lay emphasis on something

 and lay stress on something
to place emphasis on something; to emphasize something. When you present this explanation, lay emphasis on the matter of personal responsibility. I'm afraid I laid too much stress on the notion of good attendance. If you are really sick, stay home!
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Solar power is the most popular energy source on this question, with 79% of Americans saying the country should put more emphasis on it.
Gallagher (2004) pointed out that schools need gifted students' high test scores to bolster the overall averages, and, with current emphasis on inclusion, if average and below-average students are doing test-taking exercises, then so are the gifted students.
the Han Confucians' belief that a child was undeveloped at birth and the emphasis on education, especially moral education and "fetus education.
Might it be appropriate to collaboratively titrate both pain and opiate use in the setting of the doctor-patient relationship, with an emphasis on managing patient expectations rather than rigidly committing to "nothing but smiley faces?
As a result, in order to control costs, the emphasis has been placed on reducing manpower as the traditional revenue base has stagnated or dropped off in some cases.
Picture the entire concept of learning and teaching as a spectrum: on one end we have the traditional style of learning the content; on the other end the emphasis is on learning the processes of learning--learning how to learn.
The new outlook described in the strategic plan involves an increased emphasis and sharpened focus on understanding how environmental exposures affect human biology, and on applying that knowledge to reduce morbidity and mortality.
2- and 3-minute weekday and Saturday reports; commodity price analysis and price forecast information with heavy emphasis on recommended pricing strategies and buy/sell recommendations.
Scaletta is of counsel and practices in the tax, personal planning, and employee benefits group with an emphasis in taxation, tax controversy, litigation, trusts & estate, and fiduciary litigation.
Obesity is epidemic among Americans, even our children, so the emphasis in Hand To Mouth on lifestyle and lifestyle changes is an intelligent, workable, and hard work alternative to the seemingly perennial blather of diet fads.
The responses show that much emphasis is placed on assessment techniques which help to develop transferable skills, such as the ability to work in a team (group work 73%), communication skills (presentations 72%) and time management and planning skills (project work 98%), as well as the traditional methods of assessment such as essays and examinations.
The modifications in the questionnaire reflected areas that gained more emphasis in recent literature or items found to be absent from the first questionnaire.
Obviously this emphasis goes against recent critical currents, which have focused on literary works mainly as exemplars of theoretical or cultural issues.