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empathize with (someone or something)

To feel someone else's emotions along with them; to see or understand things from someone else's position or perspective. I used to resent my dad for the placid way he is with our domineering mother, but now that I've grown up a bit, I'm able to empathize with him and have a greater appreciation for what he must be going through. I can really empathize with Maggie because my mom died when I was a kid, too, and it was a devastating experience.
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empathize with someone or something

to have an understanding about the way someone feels; to feel emotional pain with someone. I can really empathize with what you must be going through. I've been through the same thing. I empathize with people who have the same family problems that I have.
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While Anderson flirts with the absurdity of life, Payne seduces it with suppleness and reflects it in a manner with which everyone - not just art-school poseurs - can empathize.
LaBute probably empathizes with Byatt's 19th-century poet Randolph Henry Ash (Jeremy Northam), a tortured fool for love who is able to soft-soap intelligent women despite the "soft-core misogyny" of his poetry.
Quantex empathizes with the budget-conscious professional who requires a high-quality notebook, but is weighed down by the current choices on the market," said Ray Brown.
Rohan's deep, masculine voice is sometimes augmented, when appropriate, by a device that duplicates a loudspeaker system, and he clearly empathizes with men who have lives of their own but care enough to pay the ultimate price when others are in danger.
Ideman imposed the maximum sentence for murder without special circumstances and said he empathizes with those who loved Cohen for their loss.
The advertisement empathizes with one of Staples' key customers: The person in small and medium businesses who makes purchasing decisions and who is constantly asked to cut costs.
When Keyz tells Tin Lizzy the truth about his acquisition and his precarious situation, Tin Lizzy empathizes with the teenager and offers to provide him with help against her former foe.