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empathize with (someone or something)

To feel someone else's emotions along with them; to see or understand things from someone else's position or perspective. I used to resent my dad for the placid way he is with our domineering mother, but now that I've grown up a bit, I'm able to empathize with him and have a greater appreciation for what he must be going through. I can really empathize with Maggie because my mom died when I was a kid, too, and it was a devastating experience.
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empathize with someone or something

to have an understanding about the way someone feels; to feel emotional pain with someone. I can really empathize with what you must be going through. I've been through the same thing. I empathize with people who have the same family problems that I have.
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In this vein, Keen notes that "the directional quality of empathy offends because an empathizer feels with a subject who may or may not be empowered to speak for herself, to correct misconceptions about her feelings, and to refuse the pitying gaze" (162).
The "empathizer in chief" expectations are real, and failure to understand the sadness and misery of the citizenry can lead to serious miscalculations, as George W.
(Some research suggests that empathizers are better readers, because their role-taking abilities allow them to more readily comprehend causal relations in stories.
A short study was undertaken to differentiate in a psychologically meaningful way between sympathizers and empathizers of a bereaved person
Morphing into her putative linguistic and cultural cognates of Korean and the Koran, Karen in fact moves from being a disciple of Sun Myung Moon to an empathizer at the death of the Ayatollah Khomeini; watching "the crowd [that] had no edge or limit" mourn his demise, Karen "felt she was among them" (188-89).
However, the fact that Cervantes staged his play in Madrid would have reduced significantly the number of likely empathizers conditioned by the type of identification triggered by fear of pirates due to immediate proximity to danger.
Renewing Activist Style: Depressive to Fun, Explainers to Empathizers
"With an issue as heteropatriarchal as nuclear power, we'll have to hire multicultural empathizers, build a new safe space," an administrator tells the creepy billionaire.
That's where the 'social media' part of the show's title kicked in, with all of the pampered youths featured having Instagram accounts that were followed by many thousands of avid 'empathizers.'
Susskind and Susskind portend an incremental move away from training professionals for jobs (e.g., consultants, lawyers, nurses) toward task-based roles: craftspeople, assistants, paraprofessionals, empathizers, R&D workers, knowledge engineers, process analysts, moderators, designers, system providers, data scientists, and systems engineers.
And now we're progressing yet again--to a society of creators and empathizers, of pattern recognizers and meaning makers." (59) This new period is what Pink calls the Conceptual Age, and, in this age, the "keys [of] the kingdom are changing hands" from computer coders, lawyers, and analytical business minds to those with different skills.
For example, research in teamwork shows that "empathizers" are critical to the success of teams.
While boys specialize in systematic and abstract cognitive operations that make them good at math and bad at appreciating the mental states and emotional experiences of others, girls are empathizers. They do not find the ABCs of relationships mysterious.