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emotional cripple

1. Someone who is unable or finds it difficult to form or express emotions, thus hindering their ability to properly relate to other people. Raised by a single father who was at best distant and at worst abusive, Jonathan grew up a cold, emotional cripple, with no friends or companions.
2. Someone who has become incompetent, indecisive, socially alienated, helpless, or apathetic due to an overwhelming and debilitating experience or abundance of negative emotions. My anxiety has left me an emotional cripple—I can do little more than make myself breakfast each day.
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tired and emotional

A semi-polite or humorous euphemism for drunkenness. Primarily heard in UK. I might be mistaken, but Sean's father looked a bit tired and emotional at the picnic, didn't he? You must excuse me, I'm a bit tired and emotional just now. I think I'd best be going home.
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be tired and emotional

To be drunk. (A semi-polite or humorous euphemism.) Primarily heard in UK. I might be mistaken, but did it seem to you like Sean's father was a bit tired and emotional at the picnic? You must excuse me, I'm a bit tired and emotional just now. I think I'd best be going home to bed.
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beyond some emotional response

in too extreme a state to feel or care. Do what you want. You have hurt me so much, I am beyond caring. The dying patient is beyond feeling. It doesn't matter now.

tired and emotional

This is a humorous euphemism, used originally in newspapers in contexts where the word drunk would lay the publication open to a libel charge. It is particularly associated with the British satirical magazine Private Eye.
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