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emit (something) from (something)

To release something. The heater seems to be emitting some strange odors from its motor—I think we should evacuate the building.
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emit (something) from (something) into (something)

To release something into something, such as a container or receptacle. I emitted the fluid from the syringe into the wound to clean it.
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emit (something) into (something)

To release something into something else. I emitted the fluid into the wound to clean it.
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something (from something) (into something) to discharge something from something into something else. The snake emitted poison from its fangs into the cup the man held. It emitted venom into the cup from its fangs.
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But the emitter can be modified to expand the charging beam's radius to an area of up to 100 square centimeters from a distance of 12 meters, or nearly 40 feet.
This was followed by conducting two trials on each lateral pipe including emitter insertion.
Asia-Pacific would also continue to have the fastest-growing infrared emitter & receiver market owing to the rapid growth in the consumer electronics and security & surveillance market in countries such as China and India.
Assorted emitters Adjustable emitters, also called shrubblers and drippers, can apply as little as 1/2 gph or as much as 10 gph.
Figure 5 shows L-band, S-band, and C-band radar and two additional W-CDMA emitters which are being simulated, resampled, and combined into one waveform.
5 micromillimeters single-photon emitter and a practical quantum cryptography system, and jointly conducted tests of quantum cryptographic key distribution.
Emitters and mini-sprinkler heads, no less than conventional sprinkler nozzles, need replacement on a regular basis.
The chamber wall was formed from aluminized steel, and a gas-fired infrared (GIR) emitter (0.
Because these systems normally wet only part of the potential soil-root volume, plant roots may be restricted to the soil volume near each emitter as shown in Figure 18-1.
Its small emitter unit is comparable in size to most UV systems, fits on all types of presses and can be retrofitted easily on existing presses.
While it is also possible to locate an emitter by determining the distance from two or more known locations, there are practical considerations that normally limit this approach to the location of cooperative emitters.
All of the relatively powerful emitters, including 4- and even 6-kilowatt versions, are supplied by Fanuc, while a 250-watt emitter from Coherent Inc.
However, they have recently installed a new embossing line, supplied by specialist equipment manufacturer Kleinewefer Anlagen (KKA), of Munich, and this incorporates an all-short wave infrared heating section, where the emitter layout is contoured to match the path of the laminate web.
Some kits contain emitter hose with emitters built into the hose.