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emit (something) from (something)

To release something. The heater seems to be emitting some strange odors from its motor—I think we should evacuate the building.
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emit (something) from (something) into (something)

To release something into something, such as a container or receptacle. I emitted the fluid from the syringe into the wound to clean it.
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emit (something) into (something)

To release something into something else. I emitted the fluid into the wound to clean it.
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something (from something) (into something) to discharge something from something into something else. The snake emitted poison from its fangs into the cup the man held. It emitted venom into the cup from its fangs.
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The research attempted to analyze verbal responses emitted by a child and his caregivers in natural situations, trying to identify relationships between the emission of the categories of the child and the caregiver and investigate possible patterns of interaction in the acquisition of verbal behavior.
As light is emitted from a source, it is spread out uniformly over a sphere of area 4[pi][d.sup.2].
With the extensive data that they collected, Fabian and his colleagues, including Giovanni Miniutti of the University of Cambridge, could distinguish a second factor that contributes to the broadness of the X-ray radiation emitted by the iron atoms.
The electron emitted from a polarized neutron and scattered from an analyzing foil is tracked by a system of two multiwire gas chambers and stops in the plastic scintillator.
Imaging scientists need to balance two factors: the thicker the fluorescent layer, the more light is emitted, which exposes the film faster and more effectively.
The amount of CO2 emitted from Brazilian, Indian and domestic ethanol varies so greatly because production equipment and distribution costs differ in each place.
The court said heat emitted outside the home and measured by the thermal imager is directly related to, and a function of, activities going on in the home.
Gamma rays emitted in this way by one crystal will be easily absorbed by another crystal of the same type, but if the wavelength varies even slightly in either direction, absorption will not take place.
The same long (3.5 micron) i-r wavelengths can also be emitted by electric-powered ceramic i-r heater elements, but their operating cost is said to be much higher.
Before we began installing catalytic mufflers on cars in 1975 and light trucks in 1980, these vehicles emitted about 2,000 pounds of exhaust hydrocarbons during a 100,000-mile lifetime.
Professor Lidia Morawska from QUT's International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health conducted the study to find the answer of questions raised by earlier findings that almost one third of popular laser printers emitted large numbers of ultrafine particles.
Unlike the fluorescent colors of quantum dots, the colors emitted by the new carbon dots depend on the color of light that the researchers use to excite them.
The Title V fee structure is based on a dollar amount paid per ton of pollutant emitted. According to Cutugno, ESCO operates foundries in Oregon and Mississippi, where the current Title V permit fees are $31 and $16 per ton, respectively.
Second, the bottom tier adds blue-green light to that emitted by the fluorescent pigment in the top tier.
Furthermore, because the coating lies directly on the LED chip, some of the phosphor's light is emitted back toward the semiconductor chip, where it's absorbed.