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emit (something) from (something)

To release something. The heater seems to be emitting some strange odors from its motor—I think we should evacuate the building.
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emit (something) from (something) into (something)

To release something into something, such as a container or receptacle. I emitted the fluid from the syringe into the wound to clean it.
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emit (something) into (something)

To release something into something else. I emitted the fluid into the wound to clean it.
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something (from something) (into something) to discharge something from something into something else. The snake emitted poison from its fangs into the cup the man held. It emitted venom into the cup from its fangs.
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"I pass on the business to EMIT knowing it will meet the same very high standards of professional service our customers have experienced during their time with Softech."
For example, a gray iron cupola generally emits PM, carbon monoxide (CO), NO and [SO.sub.2].
Emit screening was performed for other drugs of abuse, and in addition all these specimens were screened by GC.
* In a "Serious" air-pollution region, you're a major" polluter if you emit only 50 TPY, and you have nine years to clean up your act."
The rotation rate and intermittent release of radio waves suggests that these stars are neutron stars but not radio pulsars, which emit regular, frequent pulses.
LSD was measured in the urine with the Emit II[R]assay from Behring Diagnostics (Cupertino, CA) on a Syva-30R automated assay analyzer (Behring Diagnostics).
* If a "closed molder," under the "best possible" assumptions, emits styrene amounting to 2% of its resin usage, it would hit the 10,000-lb limit if it used 500,000 lb/yr of resin.
Molecules with high molecular weights, such as those containing chlorine, emit an x-ray return signature easily visible by the XRF analyzer.
Don't confuse such fluorescence with phosphorescence of exciting energy stops, a fluorescent material ceases to emit light.
By varying the size of the dots, researchers can tune the crystals to emit different wavelengths.
Such stars emit most of their light at UV wavelengths to which GALEX is most sensitive.
They revealed then that a type of superfast, high-current transistor known as a heterojunction bipolar transistor can emit useful amounts of infrared light.
107), these tiny clusters of gold atoms fluoresce brightly and emit different wavelengths of light when scientists vary the number of atoms in each cluster.
The new research is "beautiful confirmation" of the notion that trees emit more types of highly reactive VOCs than are generally acknowledged, says Allen H.