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emit (something) from (something)

To release something. The heater seems to be emitting some strange odors from its motor—I think we should evacuate the building.
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emit (something) from (something) into (something)

To release something into something, such as a container or receptacle. I emitted the fluid from the syringe into the wound to clean it.
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emit (something) into (something)

To release something into something else. I emitted the fluid into the wound to clean it.
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something (from something) (into something) to discharge something from something into something else. The snake emitted poison from its fangs into the cup the man held. It emitted venom into the cup from its fangs.
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I wonder if they realize that in natural forests, trees topple and rot; and rotting vegetation emits tons of methane gas, while our trees are cut for lumber and paper?
Benzodiazepine screening using EMIT II[R] and TDx[R]: urine hydrolysis pretreatment required.
Coal emissions are higher than for any other fossil fuel: A natural gas plant emits just 42 percent as much CO2 as a conventional coal plant.
In reality, emissions are often much lower than the "potential to emit.
Finally, if you're in an "Extreme" air-pollution area, you're a "major" polluter if you emit only 10 TPY, but you have 20 years to comply.
If a "closed molder," under the "best possible" assumptions, emits styrene amounting to 2% of its resin usage, it would hit the 10,000-lb limit if it used 500,000 lb/yr of resin.
Emit screening was performed for other drugs of abuse, and in addition all these specimens were screened by GC.
The same tools emit nearly a ton per day of nitrogen oxide and 182 tons per day of carbon monoxide - two major components of smog.
Larger chips tend to be less efficient than smaller devices because large LEDs scatter a greater proportion of their light sideways and so emit less light directly toward the viewer.
107), these tiny clusters of gold atoms fluoresce brightly and emit different wavelengths of light when scientists vary the number of atoms in each cluster.
The new research is "beautiful confirmation" of the notion that trees emit more types of highly reactive VOCs than are generally acknowledged, says Allen H.
A material that absorbs strongly at a specific wavelength when cool will emit strongly at that same wavelength when heated.