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emerge from (something)

To leave or come out of something. The next act emerged from behind the curtain and took the stage.
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emerge from (something) as (something)

To leave or come out of something as something else. She emerged from behind the curtain as beautiful princess in full costume.
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Rizzo, along with Chicago Chapter member Stephanie Pater of Kirkland & Ellis, is co-chair of the global organization's Emerging Leader Task Force and is serving as a mentor to the NYC Chapter committee.
To initiate this collaborating center, the International Symposium on Emerging Zoonoses (ISEZ) was held in conjunction with the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases and the International Conference on Women and Infectious Diseases in Atlanta in March 2006.
In assessing whether an emerging market economy might be "converging," one usually looks at a number of standard yardsticks.
The investment case for emerging markets hinges on economic growth and on institutional and political convergence with developed markets.
According to Sovereign's Emerging Markets Directory, a country doesn't have to be small or poor to be an emerging market.
Unfortunately, war, natural disasters and economic and political instability have dampened investor enthusiasm for these emerging markets.
Entities operating under chapter 11 with the expectation of reorganizing as going concerns and entities emerging from chapter 11 pursuant to court-confirmed plans should follow the SOP's guidance in preparing financial statements based on generally accepted accounting principles, either during court proceedings or on emerging from chapter 11.
EID's genesis stems from advice to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) promulgated by the 1992 Institute of Medicine report, Emerging Infections: Microbial Threats to Health in the United States (1).
Easy monetary policy in the form of low real interest rates, especially in the United States, helped fuel the flow of capital into emerging markets during 2002-04, as it did in the late 1970s and the early 1990s.
The country ranking in the Emerging Europe report takes into consideration some 50 different political, economic and real estate related factors.
Jones says that only one-half of 1% of Illinois' pension assets are managed by emerging firms (a generic term for women- and minority-owned firms).
Emerging Infectious Diseases was established to promote the recognition of new and reemerging infectious diseases around the world and to improve the understanding of factors involved in disease emergence, prevention, and elimination.
As reflected by the impressive 300-basis-point tightening in emerging market debt spreads since October 2002, it would seem evident that the market is yet to internalize the advice given to our bond trader.
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