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emerge (from something) (as something)

to come out of something as something. The caterpillar would emerge as a butterfly in a short time. A new man emerged from prison.
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Scope - Analysis of the emerging nuclear countries in key regions such as Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Europe and South and Central America - Analysis of key emerging nuclear countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Chile - Details of the market in emerging nuclear countries between 2014 and 2030 - Global competitive landscape of key companies in the nuclear energy sector - Qualitative information on the status of nuclear power development in emerging nuclear countries
The mission of the Emerging Leaders committee is to attract and retain young professional members, under the age of 35, to ensure future corporate real estate leaders have access to education and networking events with their peers, and to support succession planning for the organization," said CoreNet Global NYC Chapter vice president, Gina Rizzo of Herman Miller.
Episodes of emerging zoonoses are being increasingly recognized around the world.
On considering whether emerging market economies are converging towards those of the developed economies, one might arrive at a similar conclusion.
The emerging markets have been enjoying a powerful mix of accelerating world economic growth, high oil and commodity prices, a weak dollar, and extremely low US interest rates.
Although emerging markets are considered attractive by investors because of the potential for high return, there is a great deal of risk involved.
If you had invested in any of these emerging markets back then, you might have realized total returns of up to 50%
To what extent should the SOP be applied when an entity does not meet the requirements for fresh-start reporting and limited adjustments have been made to the emerging entity's debt?
SAN FRANCISCO -- Progress Investment Management Company, the nation's most established and most experienced Manager of Emerging Managers and the largest in terms of assets under management, has published its second dialogue book on issues facing emerging investment managers and the plan sponsors they serve.
With this volume, Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) turns 10--a time probably between childhood and adolescence in journal years.
For the past few decades, every cycle of rising interest rates in the United States has brought economic contraction and widening interest rate spreads among emerging market borrowers--particularly in Latin America.
Based on its strong commercial real estate market, Hungary is the number one country of the 13 emerging countries in Europe, according to EmergingEurope, a report by Cushman & Wakefield.
I've been nudging [the state's pension plans] for two years on this, and they've been operating at a snail's pace when it comes to bringing in emerging firms," complains Jones.
com/reports/c48710) has announced the addition of Adding Value in Private Equity: Lessons from Mature and Emerging Markets to their offering.
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