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emerge from (something)

To leave or come out of something. The next act emerged from behind the curtain and took the stage.
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emerge from (something) as (something)

To leave or come out of something as something else. She emerged from behind the curtain as beautiful princess in full costume.
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emerge (from something) (as something)

to come out of something as something. The caterpillar would emerge as a butterfly in a short time. A new man emerged from prison.
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Lloyd and his colleagues speculated that losing the 4-year rest for one generation through some developmental quirk might allow a brood to emerge early.
The two broods could share the same ground but not meet as adults because they emerge in different years.
Kritsky speculated that the insects had somehow skipped their rest period and would therefore emerge 4 years early--in late spring of 2000.
It is difficult to imagine how an insolvent debtor could successfully negotiate a reorganization plan and have that plan approved by the court without the parties-in-interest knowing the value of the company expected to emerge from chapter 11.
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