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emerge from (something)

To leave or come out of something. The next act emerged from behind the curtain and took the stage.
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emerge from (something) as (something)

To leave or come out of something as something else. She emerged from behind the curtain as beautiful princess in full costume.
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emerge (from something) (as something)

to come out of something as something. The caterpillar would emerge as a butterfly in a short time. A new man emerged from prison.
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Having followed his work at least since 2009, at multiple well-known theaters and museums around New York City, I sort of thought he had already "emerged."
Nonetheless, because of the qualitative lens (Butler, 2002) used to survey cohort members, the unexpected theme of self-regulated learning emerged. Results suggest that strategies, goal setting and performance adjustment (those constructs that frame the definition of self-regulated learning) are not addressed or discussed.
The NCGDAP project will experiment with the use of the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard, a technology that has emerged in the library community, as a data bundling scheme.
Awareness of this reality emerged internationally in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001, starting with the overwhelming interfaith responses to the call by President Bush to mourn the victims of these terrorist acts publicly on Friday, September 14th.
Blair Hedges of Pennsylvania State University in State College and his colleagues reached this conclusion after correlating the number of cell types in dozens of classes of eukaryotes with the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere when those classes emerged in evolution.
Although public attention was focused on this explosive pandemic, more than 30 such diseases new to medicine have emerged since 1976 [World Health Organization (WHO) 1996].
When it comes to crafting legislation and passing it into law, a "progressive centrism" has indeed emerged.
However, enhanced storage networking implementations based on the ubiquitous Internet Protocol (IP) now have emerged. This profound change--combining storage devices with IP networking--brings a new level of interoperability and reach to storage networks.
Two complementary weaknesses emerge: there is not quite enough operational or social detail about the individual cases nor is there a complete, theoretical explanation of why the differences have emerged and how they are likely to develop.
The entertainment and media industries have emerged as key components of the City's economic engine, and the Downtown Information Technology District, which extends south of Chambers Street to the tip of Manhattan, is becoming home to hundreds of information technology companies.
The author believes that Chinese gangs have emerged as the organizations to watch.
Among the recommendations that have emerged from those state conferences already held are:
Some have questioned the appropriate accounting for the difference between the GAAP basis (allocated reorganization value) and the corresponding tax basis of assets and liabilities of an entity that has emerged from chapter 11 and records a fresh start.
Emerging infectious diseases include novel pathogens that have newly emerged, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), as well as pathogens that could potentially be used as biologic weapons.