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emerge (from something) (as something)

to come out of something as something. The caterpillar would emerge as a butterfly in a short time. A new man emerged from prison.
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Smith made a poor decision, and she had to pay for her mistake, but Emerge exposed the insanity of new mandatory minimum laws.
Fred Zeidman, Chairman of Emerge Capital, commented, "We have purchased the stock of Kipling Holdings, which currently owns the Hilton interest and has a $900,000 note receivable with the option to convert it into an additional five percent ownership in the Hilton.
HOUSTON -- Emerge Capital's (OTCBB:EMGC) portfolio investment, Nexus Nano Electronics (OTCBB:NXNO), announced today that its company information will be made available via Standard & Poor's Market Access Program, an information distribution service that enables subscribing publicly traded companies to have their company information disseminated to users of Standard & Poor's Advisor Insight.
HOUSTON -- Emerge Capital's (OTCBB:EMGC) portfolio investment, Nexus Nano Electronics (OTCBB:NXNO), reported today receiving additional new orders for custom circuit boards from a green energy provider who designs and manufactures turbine controls for wind energy applications.
Tim Connolly, CEO of Emerge, stated, "We are proud of the early results shown by the Nexus Nano team, including new COO Mel Roseman and CFO Chris Mathers.