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embroil (one) in (something)

To trap oneself or someone in an issue, problem, or scandal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embroil" and "in." The best politicians choose their battles wisely. If one becomes too embroiled in petty debates, one never gets anything done. Our father's lack of a will has embroiled my brothers and me in many lawsuits over his estate.
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embroil someone in something

Fig. to entangle someone in something; to get someone involved in something. Please do not embroil me in your squabbles. I wish I could keep from embroiling myself in this kind of mess.
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The bank may represent a potential source of social mollification, but it too must come to terms with its own history, which reveals its embroilment with an inequitable legal system and its resulting responsibility for so many deaths.
On occasion, Israeli politicians openly debate a full expulsion of the Palestinian population, but let us note that even such a move, were it to be realized, would commit Israel to a permanent war at the border, and so a permanent embroilment with those whom it not only expels, but must continually keep expelled, from their own lands.
In addition to sculptures, it consists of thirty prints of pages from the Daily Mail, the UK's most popular and spiteful middlemarket tabloid, partially overprinted with texts questioning, deploring, and rejecting the concept of family and Olesen's own embroilment in its confining traditional roles.
Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, for instance, was a master of embroilment, using various Palestinian factions to attack Israel in order to create conditions that were domestically and regionally advantageous for himself.
Israeli embroilment in Gaza could arguably be responsible as well.
Charlie owns the patent and that's been a legal embroilment for over a decade now.
Concomitant with the Stage Society's second production (Archer's translation of Ibsen's League of Youth in February 1900) (43) was Charrington's embroilment in the Fabian Society's debate over the Transvaal (Boer) War, (44) and his lecture on "Communal Recreation" to the Fabian Society in April 1900 (Fabian News 10.
Summary: BEIRUT: A new Israeli-Lebanon conflict is likely to be far more violent, inflict greater damage to civilian and government infrastructure and lead to the direct embroilment of other regional actors, warned a new report released Monday by the International Crisis Group (ICG), the leading conflict-resolution think tank A new conflict will also likely affect
Sometime after relatively not bad data has been output on the industrial production and the load of capacities, which allowed exchange indices to correct up and brought embroilment among the state notes market participants.
As to any future embroilment - which only sore losers would surely hope for - I trust that a British administration, whatever its stripe, would react automatically to defend and protect the rights, freedoms and security of British citizens living overseas under our jurisdiction.
International uproar due to the embroilment of Indians--V.
However, neither the downturn itself--however likely this seems at the time of writing--nor Australia's embroilment within it is inevitable.
Our current problems are far more related to the subprime crisis and the embroilment of financial institutions.