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embroil (one) in (something)

To trap oneself or someone in an issue, problem, or scandal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embroil" and "in." The best politicians choose their battles wisely. If one becomes too embroiled in petty debates, one never gets anything done. Our father's lack of a will has embroiled my brothers and me in many lawsuits over his estate.
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embroil someone in something

Fig. to entangle someone in something; to get someone involved in something. Please do not embroil me in your squabbles. I wish I could keep from embroiling myself in this kind of mess.
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| Damian Lewis, below, Ewan McGregor and Naomie Harris embroiled in a labyrinthine spy thriller
In the old days you could almost guarantee it would be Tory MPs who became embroiled in sex scandals while cashstrapped Labour MPs were tempted by filthy lucre.
Farah is believed to have taken an early flight straight to Portland to see Salazar, who has been embroiled in allegations of doping since a BBC Panorama programme on Wednesday.
He said that the armed forces were Pakistans best asset, which should not be embroiled in foreign wars.
India-based UCO Bank has become embroiled in a major scam involving fraud money.
Written by Sally Wainwright - and a world away from her similarly Yorkshire-set OAP romantic comedy Last Tango In Halifax - the gritty show about a female police sergeant (ex-Coronation Street actress Sarah Lancashire) who becomes embroiled in a botched kidnap and murder was voted the small screen highlight of 2014 by the critics The Radio Times.
Beijing and Hanoi are embroiled in a bitter territorial dispute over claims in the area, and there have been repeated skirmishes between dozens of Chinese and Vietnamese vessels since the rig was deployed, along with a wave of deadly anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam.
GEORDIE actor Tim Healy is embroiled in a battle with the taxman about a London flat he rented while appearing in Billy Elliot the Musical.
Summary: The agency is all set to bail out the Union law minister, who has been embroiled in a row over toning
The move takes place as the once-popular royals are embroiled in a corruption scandal that has badly damaged their public image and as ordinary Spaniards struggle with a deep economic crisis.
Summary: The Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel-Karim Ali, who has been embroiled in a spat with some Lebanese politicians and ministers over their support for Syrian refugees.
Summary: A school of sharks embroiled in a crazed feed has been filmed by an air rescue helicopter crew, just off the coast of Perth, Australia.
Summary: Move comes after he became embroiled in a row over compliments he paid to his French opposite number
Officials from Unite have been embroiled in negotiations with the airline for months in a bid to resolve a bitter row over cost-savings, including cuts in cabin crew.
McKidd plays Peter Forbes, a man who finds himself embroiled in an other-worldly journey through an inner-city hospital as he desperately searches for his sick wife, Penny.