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embroil (one) in (something)

To trap oneself or someone in an issue, problem, or scandal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embroil" and "in." The best politicians choose their battles wisely. If one becomes too embroiled in petty debates, one never gets anything done. Our father's lack of a will has embroiled my brothers and me in many lawsuits over his estate.
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embroil someone in something

Fig. to entangle someone in something; to get someone involved in something. Please do not embroil me in your squabbles. I wish I could keep from embroiling myself in this kind of mess.
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Britain's most senior police officer is embroiled in yet another row.
One father embroiled in child support litigation in Michigan says, "I've presented the court with good evidence that my wife has lied, but six months later the kids are still with her.
Shanghai, [China] Nov 21( ANI ): Fashion giant Dolce and Gabbana canceled their much-anticipated fashion show 'The Great Show' in Shanghai after getting embroiled in a racism controversy.
Kelly creates an atmospheric Fens, complete with mists and Druid activities, and Dryden faces personal dilemmas as he becomes embroiled in the case.
The reprieve came for workers at Darlington-based Cleveland Bridge, which has been embroiled in a dispute with main contractor Multiplex over work on the new national stadium at Wembley.
A teenage boy posed as a spy in an internet chatroom to persuade a friend to kill him in an 'extraordinary suicide attempt', a court heard yesterday.Excess chatroom use can desensitise children, expert warns:Children can become so embroiled in conversations in internet chatrooms that they are unable to separate fantasy from reality, an internet expert warned.
Individuals across the nation collected copyrighted media they had not purchased, and Napster found itself embroiled in lawsuits that forced it to shut down.
An incident involving neighbors occurred in Ramseur, North Carolina, on May 7th when apartment building residents Mohammad Moshan Chaudhry, 21, and Larry Gene Chriscoe, 48, became embroiled in an argument about the loud music Chriscoe was playing.
Since the 2000 municipal election, Thunder Bay city councillors have been embroiled in a bitter dispute over whether there should be a single source of water for the city or a dual source.
Shelf, 2001, is a red metal bookcase with three shelves that has become embroiled with a black canvas: Their contortions are catastrophically erotic.
MOTORISTS embroiled in the Midlands motorway gridlock are being urged to relax and savour the sweet smells of the countryside.
In order for Alonzo to keep his beautiful wife, his mansion and luxurious life, he must earn lots of money But to do that he finds himself embroiled in a moral and financial nightmare, leading to his own destruction.
HEATHER HAS TWO MOMMIES: 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Written by Leslea Newman, illustrated by Diana Souza (Alyson Wonderland, $10.95) How this sweet and simple children's story ever became embroiled in controversy is a testament to the political ridiculousness of the late 20th century, This anniversary issue includes notes by the author (who says she was called at one point the most dangerous writer in America).
Microsoft is currently embroiled in a costly anti-trust lawsuit and apparently hoped to curry favor with Bush in the event that he is elected president.
et al., the owner of a commercial condominium (which contained six separate commercial tenants) became embroiled in a dispute with the Condominium Board regarding the methodology of calculating the common charges applicable to the commercial condominium.