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embody (something) in (something)

For an entity to represent something else in its entirety. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embody" and "in." The worst impulses of our country are embodied in those greedy, unscrupulous banks.
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embody something in something

to actualize something in something; to make something represent something else in actuality. I tried to embody both good and evil in my painting. A strong sense of morality is embodied in her writing.
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Critique: A considerably impressive work of original and erudite scholarship, "Embodying the Problem: The Persuasive Power of the Teen Mother" includes three Appendices, eighteen pages of Notes, a fourteen page Bibliography, and a nine page Index.
"Embodying the Prophet Youssef is prohibited," says Sheikh Youssef el-Badri, a
Theirs were dialectical constructions embodying spectatorial experience without reifying it, dissolving fetishistic objects without denying the pervasiveness of objecthood, conceiving sculptural constructs as mass-cultural mimesis in which the governing conditions of object relations and intersubjective experience in public space were articulated without being monumentalized in affirmation.
This notion of Avey as an avatar, of embodying an ancestral figure, is also interesting in the context of her strong sensation of connection via threads from her navel, which she experiences during the dancing.
the proliferation of new monarchies and more with the properly constitutional, juridical issue between monarch and that populist or sometimes unfortunately styled "democratic" ingredient, that larger collectivity embodying and embodied by the monarch.
Embodying difference from herself, the flip side of self-identity, the power Jewess operates in the cultural imaginary as a low-end Derrida: she is philosophically dangerous, or at least a threat to the concept of "being" as it is traditionally understood.
In a telling segment, she is loosed on the sumptuous sales floor of Bergdorf's, singing a "poverty" medley, including "secondhand Rose." Embodying the formidable avatar of Jewess in her excessive, insatiable desire for goodies, she appears with her big nose in absolutely flawless outfits, delighting and disturbing all of us as singing surrogate for the sublime disproportion between our desires and our capacity to satisfy them.
The "what is wrong with this picture" effect was endearing: embodying glamour divided from itself, glamour and its own lack-in-being.
The evangelists portray Jesus as embodying the welcoming realm of God in all of his words and actions.
The challenge for Christians in such moral conversation on campus is to be more conscious of the responsibility we have to be bearers of God's grace at every opportunity, embodying the truth of which we speak.
To speak of the Eucharist as embodying a counter-politics might seem odd to Americans accustomed to the separation of church and state, religion and politics.
If we broaden polis to mean a community embodying the organization and fulfillment of human social relations, then the state, an organization which arose at a specific time and place, is not the only way but simply one way of imagining the organization of a social body.
The last offers the "ideal" African American, embodying the culture of Africa and inhabiting the geographical space of the United States.