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embody (something) in (something)

For an entity to represent something else in its entirety. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embody" and "in." The worst impulses of our country are embodied in those greedy, unscrupulous banks.
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embody something in something

to actualize something in something; to make something represent something else in actuality. I tried to embody both good and evil in my painting. A strong sense of morality is embodied in her writing.
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So when you come to Embody Fitness, you're not joining a gym or a place to workout - you are coming to make amazing lasting changes to your body and lifestyle," says Rob Richards, director of training.
Most importantly, as Kristevan semiotic chorae, the houses embody women's nonrationalist epistemology, the powerful connected knowing vital to matrilineal narratives like Mama Day and Beloved.
The code is now compliant with the new SEC rules, and details principles that members are required to adhere to and embody within their organizations.
According to Halprin, Segal meant his bronze figures to embody the "inherent individual dignity" of ordinary men and women.
Materials embody both a physical and perceptual alchemy.
How does one set about sifting genuine moments that embody enactments of caritas from a sentimental humanism that currently substitutes for it?
2 million campaign to raise funds for a home to embody the adventurous artistic spirit and daring that have characterized On the Boards's work for two decades.
could be arranged to embody part of its meaning in its structure" (15).
Hamill examines the underlying thinking around leadership, how we develop leaders, the roots and myths of the "rational mind" concept, neuroscience findings on brain functioning and the implications for leadership, and how humans embody our "selves.
com)-- Embody Studios, Inc operator of the Embody Pole Fitness brand studios serving southern California announced the opening of their new online store, EmbodyDirect.
What does it mean for the church to embody a doctrine that affirms the life-creating and life-affirming nature of the Creator who from the very beginning of the creation narrative calls it "very good" (Gen 1:31)?
At the same time, they see their generation misled, and that those who do seize success for their own are the ones who embody the opposite of the American dream--the liars, the lazy, the sycophants, the unjust.