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embody (something) in (something)

For an entity to represent something else in its entirety. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embody" and "in." The worst impulses of our country are embodied in those greedy, unscrupulous banks.
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embody something in something

to actualize something in something; to make something represent something else in actuality. I tried to embody both good and evil in my painting. A strong sense of morality is embodied in her writing.
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Embody has developed an innovative collagen based microfiber implant called Tapestry designed for use in Achilles' and rotator cuff repairs, addressing a combined market exceeding 750,000 surgical cases in the US annually.
I did my own 'mini transformation' in a span of two weeks with Embody Fitness.
Both trials (EMBODY 1 and EMBODY 2) are multi-centre, placebo-controlled, randomised, double-blind studies designed to evaluate the efficacy, safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of epratuzumab in patients with moderate to severe SLE.
For full terms and conditions go to the Embody website at www.embodyforyou.com/sundaymirror
Embody has around 8,500 trained and professionally accredited therapists all over the UK, and with over 800 of them participating in this offer, you won't have to travel far to receive your blissful treat!
First, both Ochs and Cartwright fear that Yoder, in his attempt to overcome triumphalist Christian assertions that the church has replaced the Jewish people as Israel by claiming that both Christians and Jews are called to embody a diaspora politics, tends to reduce Judaism to a mirror of free church/Anabaptist Christianity.
Significantly, in teaching with structure, we embody in our very approach to teaching a virtue that we strive to instill in our students' playing; teaching with structure provides a model for playing with structure.
The team's two race drivers, Rubens Barrichello (Brazilian, World Championship runner-up 2002 and 2004) and Jenson Button (British, World Championship 3rd 2004) with their race cars decked out in white, red, olive and black, also embody the same qualities.
While both Essence and O embody some of the characteristics and strategies of their predecessors discussed in this study, their corporate ownership (in the case of Essence) and their target markets (as with O) cause Rooks to resist placing them in the same category of African American women's magazines as those she researched.
Indeed, what this essay asks us to imagine is the presence of what I call the Irregular birth control clinic movement, a movement of clinics which continued to embody the supposedly lost radicalism of Margaret Sanger in the teens.
These days, critics of religion are easy to find; critics whose own lives and actions embody our hopes for a different future are much more rare.
Landstar Carrier Group's Tom Embody (left) recently got a first-hand look at the Intelligent Road/Rail Information Server.
Both Brown's luscious amalgam of West African and contemporary moves and DBDT's muscular jazz-inflected dances will surely embody this summer's theme: "Finding Our Roots, Embracing Our Future." These evenings, sponsored by Lincoln Center Out of Doors.
In the eight years since Fast Company magazine began looking for "organizations that embody the attributes that define the best ways to compete, work, and win" (i.e., "fast companies") 25 stand out in terms of their recent stock market performance; among them: Cisco, Dell Computer, IBM, Microsoft, and WalMart.
This Statement also addresses questions about the classification of certain financial instruments that embody obligations to issue equity shares.