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embody (something) in (something)

For an entity to represent something else in its entirety. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embody" and "in." The worst impulses of our country are embodied in those greedy, unscrupulous banks.
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embody something in something

to actualize something in something; to make something represent something else in actuality. I tried to embody both good and evil in my painting. A strong sense of morality is embodied in her writing.
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Tulliver to lose the suit about the right of road and the bridge that made a thoroughfare of his land for every vagabond who preferred an opportunity of damaging private property to walking like an honest man along the highroad; all lawyers were more or less rascals, but Wakem's rascality was of that peculiarly aggravated kind which placed itself in opposition to that form of right embodied in Mr.
This characteristic is embodied in the saying "a burnt child fears the fire." The burn may have left no visible traces, yet it modifies the reaction of the child in the presence of fire.
They are explained without it by Semon's "engram," or by any theory which regards the results of experience as embodied in modifications of the brain and nerves.
Since he knew nothing of this, and drew his inspiration, not directly from life, but indirectly from life embodied in art, his inspiration came very quickly and easily, and as quickly and easily came his success in painting something very similar to the sort of painting he was trying to imitate.
Alas, much ignorance and error hath become embodied in us!
Kadiri praised Lebanese comprehensive mobilization embodied in Lebanon's call upon UN Council to convene and the many condemning sit-ins that Beirut is witnessing.
It trampled upon white supremacist notions deeply embedded in the American psyche and reasserted a core belief in the ideals embodied in the United States Constitution.
It is a larger and immeasurably more malignant version of the concept embodied in the Endangered Species Act, which has inflicted unimaginable damage on property rights and livelihoods throughout the Western United States.
Film critic Roger Ebert called the prejudicial attitudes embodied in the film "insidious, like the anti-Semitism that infected fiction and journalism in the 1930s, not just in Germany, but in Britain and America."
They were fully embodied in the spiritual activism of Birmingham's Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth.