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emblazon (something) on(to) (something)

1. To decorate something with something. Yikes, Mom, you don't need to emblazon sequins on the entire jacket!
2. To embellish something to make a specific message or affiliation known. The royal armor maker emblazoned the king's crest onto the soldiers' breastplates.
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emblazon (something) with (something)

To decorate something with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "emblazon" and "with." Yikes, Mom, you don't need emblazon the entire jacket with sequins! Every soldier's breastplate was emblazoned with the king's crest.
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emblazon something on(to) something

1. . to decorate something with something. The workers emblazoned wild decorations on the door. They emblazoned their name on the side of the building.
2. to put some writing or symbols that proclaim something onto something. The knight emblazoned his crest onto his shield. The craftsman emblazoned the knight's crest on his shield.
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emblazon something with something

to decorate something with writing or symbols. They emblazoned the wall with pictures of past triumphs. His shield was emblazoned with the family crest.
See also: emblazon
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It's great to see the Koru and the beautiful New Zealand fern emblazoned on this aircraft," Captain David Morgan, Air New Zealand chief flight operations and safety officer, said.
YOU DESERVE TO GO HOME IN STYLE' have been emblazoned in big, bold letters.
WALKING ON AIR Coast's maxi dress emblazoned with large red and pink flowers.
Eubank, 40, was arrested hours earlier after driving the huge truck, emblazoned on the back with a message about Prince Harry's deployment to Iraq, down Whitehall.
Famous for putting personalized photos on luxury handbags and wallets, Alexander emblazoned this limited-edition duffel with stills from 2007's most memorable Academy Award-nominated movies.
A 747-400 was the first aircraft to be emblazoned with the logo, which also will be featured at airports AR serves.
Annan's is now emblazoned like holy writ across the opening Web page of the UN's 2006 Small Arms Review Conference, scheduled for June 26-July 7 at the UN headquarters in New York City.
The airline has said that Slam Dunk One is emblazoned with an NBA basketball going through a hoop on the forward portion of the fuselage.
With its jacket cover photo of a bustling O'Connell Street, kelly green disks emblazoned with a girdle of silver Celtic knots, and an astounding cast of world-class Irish performers, this audiobook was designed to deliver the Dublin with which James Joyce had such a love-hate relationship right to your door and disk player.
Self-proclaimed "dyke activist" and academic Erica Rand day-tripped to Ellis Island on a "hot date" and grabbed some shiny souvenirs, including a golf ball emblazoned with an immigrant nuclear family and an American-flag snow globe.
Looking at photographs of messages emblazoned on buildings or posted in public space, we might wonder whose "perversions" are on display.
It made me happy walking into the gallery and seeing a huge mesh hat emblazoned with "BAD COP
IT might be considered that in previous tax tips, I have advised that racing employees drive around in vans and wear T-shirts and anoraks emblazoned with the name of their racing yard, just to save tax.
It was further emblazoned with the British Union Jack in the upper left corner, and continued in use until June 14, 1777, when the Continental Congress adopted a resolution establishing the first U.
Norins said he tries to make them feel proud of their "lonely" positions, even providing them with T-shirts emblazoned with "Super Coder" in the colors and style of Superman.