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8 billion, the amount they are accused of embezzling from Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB).
He also is charged with embezzling from Kaiser by paying for massages at the Bonaventure Club Fitness & Spa for himself and others, including Edwards and the late labor leader Miguel Contreras, according to court papers.
According to an in-house investigation the corporation conducted, Chida began embezzling from the firm in February 1993 and the total amount of embezzled money reached about 1.
Appearing yesterday at Hamilton Sheriff Court - where he used to practice - McCrorie admitted embezzling from JB Soutter Son and Main in the Lanarkshire town.
The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 36-year-old Sri Lankan babysitter of embezzling from her Emirati sponsor after she pleaded guilty.
SANTA MONICA - Whitewater figure Susan McDougal will face trial next month on charges of embezzling from famed conductor Zubin Mehta, a judge ruled Tuesday.