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embezzle (something) from (someone or something)

To steal money from someone or something, often a company or organization. Margaret had been embezzling money from the corporate account for years, but she finally got caught after she claimed her two-month trip to Paris as a business expense. The CEO went to jail after embezzling nearly $18 million from his company.
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embezzle something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or a group. They caught her embezzling funds from the bank. Jerry's business partner embezzled a large sum from their checking account.
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Given the ambiguity of the phrase "operations or exposures of the organization," it is far from clear that a reasonable person in Draisey's shoes would have understood this question as calling for disclosure of Draisey's embezzling activities.
Monday on suspicion of embezzling 23.6 million yen on two occasions in October from a bank account of the housing authority's president, the police said.
Wu was found guilty of taking NT$9.25 million in kickbacks from quake reconstruction projects and embezzling relief goods.
In 1972, Mr Osorio was convicted of embezzling pounds 442,240 from a company's pension fund.
Teo Cheng Kiat had worked for SIA for nearly 25 years and was charged on 4 February for allegedly embezzling funds though hundreds of bank transaction since December 1994.
Sentence was deferred on Michael McDiarmid, 33, after he pleaded guilty at Inverness Sheriff Court yesterday to embezzling PS2,403.17 from Harry Gow's in Beauly, and elsewhere while he was an employee of the business.
The woman had admitted in court to embezzling the funds from her workplace from August 2016 to April 2017.
PESHAWAR -- A former member of the provincial cabinet has accused the chief minister of being involved in corrupt practices and for embezzling Rs36 billion in a year.
Summary: Suspect denies misusing authority, delivering sold foodstuff to 3rd parties, embezzling money
Dubai: An accountant has been cleared of committing electronic fraud and embezzling Dh4 million from the UAE's Finance Ministry after forging 453 e-dirham transactions.
It merits mentioning here, Arshad Khan Ex-Director Director FDMA, was in judicial custody after getting arrested by NAB(KP) for embezzling Rs.
A TRUSTED financial worker at a top legal firm has been jailed for 21 months for embezzling nearly PS180,000.
In January 2013, Morales was sentenced to more than seven years in federal prison for embezzling $2.3 million that led to the cooperative's 2011 collapse.
SARGODHA -- Anti-Corruption Establishment police submitted challan in the court against Chief Engineer, Executive Engineer, EDO Works and Contractor for embezzling Rs 30.03 million during a road construction.
Abu Dhabi Criminal Court issued the sentence to the Egyptian man, in his absence, after he was found guilty of forging official documents and embezzling money from the department of foreign scholarships at the Ministry of Higher Education in Abu Dhabi where he worked.