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embezzle (something) from (someone or something)

To steal money from someone or something, often a company or organization. Margaret had been embezzling money from the corporate account for years, but she finally got caught after she claimed her two-month trip to Paris as a business expense. The CEO went to jail after embezzling nearly $18 million from his company.
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embezzle something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or a group. They caught her embezzling funds from the bank. Jerry's business partner embezzled a large sum from their checking account.
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Data tampering included changing the fees to make them lower and then embezzling the difference.
The outsourcing company was contacted by the bank, according to records, and asked to settle a Dh4-million deficit before it was revealed that the Sudanese had been disconnecting a device from the internet while recharging e-dirham cards and embezzling the money.
Embezzled income is taxable to the person who does the embezzling (revenue ruling 61-185, 1961-2 CB 9; revenue ruling 65-254, 1965-2 CB 50; James v.
A woman in charge of a petrol station has been accused of embezzling Dh124,642 from the business revenues.
The police took the Emirati manager and administrative officer into custody for questioning after the businessman lodged a criminal lawsuit against them for embezzling his money.
Patricia Piscioneri, a former credit union manager, may face up to 30 years in federal prison, after pleading guilty to embezzling $156,571 from the former Adams Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union in Adams, Mass.
The mum-of-two admitted embezzling the money over 16 months, ending in February 2008.
has withdrawn its criminal complaint aimed at having a Chilean court seize the property of Anita Ester Alvarado, wife of Yuji Chida, who was given a 14-year prison term in December last year for embezzling 1.
Crilley admitted embezzling the cash from his partners in Glasgow firm Grant & Wyllie over a six-year period ending in 1996.
Summary: A Pakistani driver is accused of embezzling thousands of dirhams by abusing trust and misusing a fuel refilling card
Wyse previously pleaded guilty to embezzling pounds 25,000 from the company between April 2006 and March last year.