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embezzle (something) from (someone or something)

To steal money from someone or something, often a company or organization. Margaret had been embezzling money from the corporate account for years, but she finally got caught after she claimed her two-month trip to Paris as a business expense. The CEO went to jail after embezzling nearly $18 million from his company.
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embezzle something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or a group. They caught her embezzling funds from the bank. Jerry's business partner embezzled a large sum from their checking account.
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Legal counsel can ask the courts to freeze the embezzler's bank accounts and other assets to secure an eventual judgment against the embezzler.
"One alternative is to confront the suspected embezzler and try to obtain payment from him or her before going to the police," Durham says.
Another time, "documents leaked to The Washington Post had made their way into the hands of an embezzler under indictment [Hale]--an embezzler who then utilized them, in concert with unscrupulous political operatives, to concoct charges against the President on national TV."
Still, if those years witnessed no lengthy prosecution campaigns against embezzlers, many manufacturers did make periodic use of the law to punish offenders.
A COMPANY'S STRUCTURE and the manner in which various functions are assigned, may contribute significantly to the opportunity for embezzlers to act.
Against Solinsky's charge - "The man was a tyrant, a murderer, a thief, a liar, an embezzler, a moral pervert, the worst criminal in our nation's history.
Using the coefficients from column 2 in Table III and assuming the sample mean for the bank embezzler's age, presentence income, and dollar amount taken,(25) this typical bank embezzler faces a reduction in income of $6,581 if his real income in the absence of a crime would have remained at his presentence level of $16,813, a reduction of 39 percent.
The fact is, the embezzler could be almost anyone, from the director to the lowest-level employee--anyone in a position to steal.
His novels, mostly with a contemporary New York background, include Sybil (1952), The Great World of Timothy Colt (1956), Venus in Sparta (1958), Pursuit of the Prodigal (1959), The House of Five Talents (1960), Portrait in Brownstone (1962), The Embezzler (1966), A World of Profit (1968), The Dark Lady (1977), The Country Cousin (1978), The House of the Prophet (1980), Exit Lady Masham (1983), Fellow Passengers (1989), and The Lady of Situations (1990).
However, Governor Waiguru termed Mr Alis words as defamatory.In their natural and ordinary meaning, or by necessary implications, the words published were meant and were indeed understood to mean that our client is a common thief, an embezzler of public funds, corrupt, a flagrant law-breaker, involved in corruption scandals and unfit to hold public office, said Ms Waigurus lawyer.
Ahmadi-nejad not embezzler: Many news outlets last week reported that former President MahmudAhmadi-nejad (photo) had been charged with embezzlement of public funds.
// New legislation obliges private fund embezzler to refund.
But when Rudd took a vacation in July 2014 and Alcorn reviewed her loan documents, he was shocked to uncover irregularities that revealed one of his best employees was an embezzler.
Fellow priests are said to have become suspicious of the alleged embezzler and reported him after noticing a "dramatic change in his lifestyle".