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embezzle (something) from (someone or something)

To steal money from someone or something, often a company or organization. Margaret had been embezzling money from the corporate account for years, but she finally got caught after she claimed her two-month trip to Paris as a business expense. The CEO went to jail after embezzling nearly $18 million from his company.
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embezzle something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or a group. They caught her embezzling funds from the bank. Jerry's business partner embezzled a large sum from their checking account.
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Shura Council member Dr Fatema Al Kooheji also urged her colleagues to continue working on the embezzlement issue - adding that punishments need to be tougher.
The embezzlement allegations were filed against the syndicate by member of parliament Moustafa Bakry.
When asked about the actual embezzled amount, the source said authorities feared embezzlement of around Rs500m, adding that the compensation programme is a fraud.
Yet an unscientific search of various newspaper databases found more than 200 stories reported in 30 days covering legal cases involving embezzlement in the United States.
A Worcester Superior Court jury convicted both the husband and wife of embezzlement from a bank by a bank employee.
I contacted the judge investigating the case at the court in Mahdia who confirmed the embezzlement charges relating to when Jabeur (Mejri) worked for the SNCFT (Tunisian railways)," Ahmed Mselmi said.
In a judgment issued on November 26, the accused was found guilty of two counts of embezzlement, breach of honesty and manipulation of position misdemeanour, reported Oman News Agency (ONA) on Monday.
The embezzlement was discovered after he left the UAE.
This move came after nume-rous cases were filed in the Court of the First Instance following a series of embezzlement complaints involving money deposited in legacy accounts for orphans and minors by the Mi-nistry of Justice.
Bahrain's Shura Council has given the green light to a new law that criminalises bribery and embezzlement in the private sector and imposes tough new punishments.
6 billion bank corruption which was described as Iran's biggest case of embezzlement ever.
Rashid, also known as Khaled Salam, was convicted of embezzlement and money laundering along with Abdul Rahman al-Rashid Najab and Khalid Abdul Ghani Farra.
CARTHAGE (TAP) - Interim President Foued Mebazaa underlined the need to hoist the issue of fight against corruption and embezzlement to the position of a national tenet, by granting it a constitutional rank, likely to protect the future generations against these dangers.
The director of Bank Saderat Iran, Mohammad Jahromi, has revealed that the bank was victim to an embezzlement operation amounting to 30 trillion riyals ($3 billion).
10 -- As many as four carriage contactors companies has been blacklisted by Food Department over their poor performance and alleged embezzlement in government wheat stock, says a handout issued here Monday.