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embezzle (something) from (someone or something)

To steal money from someone or something, often a company or organization. Margaret had been embezzling money from the corporate account for years, but she finally got caught after she claimed her two-month trip to Paris as a business expense. The CEO went to jail after embezzling nearly $18 million from his company.
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embezzle something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or a group. They caught her embezzling funds from the bank. Jerry's business partner embezzled a large sum from their checking account.
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In the event of conviction, they shall be liable for restitution of the embezzled fund along with 24% penal interest.
Eight judicial committees have been formed since 2011 to follow up on the money embezzled to foreign private banks, including those based in Switzerland.
"I only embezzled once and I did a receipt for a company which was BD605.465 but only recorded it as BD505.465 and pocketed BD100," he said in his statement to the prosecution.
A public employee who embezzled nearly Dhs3.2 million in a scam involving students' air tickets has been handed a 10-year jail term.
US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) administrator Michele Leonhart and other federal officials on May 30 announced the extradition of Alfonso Portillo, the former president of Guatemala, who is charged with conspiring to launder millions of dollars he embezzled from the government of Guatemala through bank accounts located in the United States.
Summary: Laayoune - Large parts of the humanitarian aid destined for the population held against their will in Tindouf camps (south-western Algeria) is embezzled by the polisario to fund the so-called "military zones", former polisario leader Fateh Ahmed Ould Mohamed Fadel Ould Ali Salem said on Sunday.
The investigation revealed that Harris had embezzled a significant sum of money, the lawsuit alleges.
6015(f) from liability arising from his wife's failure to report income she admittedly embezzled from her employer.
The 32-year-old Chilean woman, Anita Ester Alvarado, is the wife of Yuji Chida who embezzled 1.44 billion yen from a housing corporation based in Aomori Prefecture.
*Instead of raising funds for the foundation, "Thornton embezzled funds from numerous individual donors and charitable foundations" since 1990 and "continued to embezzle charitable donations he solicited on behalf of USC even after USC severed its relationship with Thornton and his foundation in 1998.
In late October, the housing authority filed a complaint with the police against Chida on suspicion he embezzled its funds by withdrawing a total of 1.42 billion yen from the corporation's five accounts on 121 occasions between 1994 and this October.
In the crime of embezzlement, there are tax implications for both the embezzler and the embezzled.
In 1860, Henry Mayhew estimated, the property stolen by thieves in London totalled [pound]71,000; in that same year one bank official alone embezzled [pound]260,000.
A former MP owed thousands of pounds in rent when she embezzled money from pro-independence groups, a court has heard.
Unfortunately, a large portion of these funds were embezzled by the ERRA officials and Minister Khushro Bakhtiyar, against whom NAB investigation is in process.