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embellish with (something)

1. To decorate something with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embellish" and "with." Yikes, Mom, you don't need to embellish the entire jacket with sequins! Wow, it seems our interior designer got a little carried away, as every room in our house is now embellished with decorative antlers.
2. To include details that stray from the truth. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embellish" and "with." I'm sorry, but that story just sounds too far-fetched to me. I think he embellished it with some lies.
3. To add details to a story, often to make it more interesting. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embellish" and "with." I embellished my article with some quotes from people in the audience that night.
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embellish something with something

1. . Lit. to ornament something with something. He embellished the painting with too many little decorations. The room has been embellished with too many baroque sconces.
2. Fig. to add to a story with detail. The storyteller embellished the tale with the names of people in the audience. I always try to embellish my tales with a little local color.
3. Fig. to add untrue things to a story. He tends to embellish the truth with a few imaginative details. There is no need to embellish this story with anything untrue.
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It will serve as one stop centre facilitating contacts between the embellishers and buyers.
Neil Taylor is only the latest in a long line of fakers and embellishers.
But with the September 11 story, I found that I didn't have the stomach for the usual give-and-take between environmentalist embellishers and industry apologists over whether the people of Lower Manhattan faced a hypothesized added cancer risk of one in 10,000 or one in 10 million.
For those who are not embellishers, there is a reluctance to describe events or circumstances that are not widely agreed upon, which are not part of the common lore representing the conventional features of village life that will upset no one.
It features a large hexagonal grille with chrome embellishers, sleek projector headlights with LED DRLs, sporty bumpers, angular fog lamps, LED taillights and a boot spoiler.
The exhibition showcased products from more than 15 Female Sales Agents (FSAs) who are managing 450 Women Embellishers from Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, and Baluchistan.
The chrome finish of the trim bars in the outer sections of the lower air intake, the fronts of the black kidney grille slats, the window recess finishers, trim strip in the rear apron and the exhaust tailpipe embellishers all add gleaming touches.
Bus trips have common elements not found in the "gated communities" known as airports: the driver's authoritarian rules spiel, the incessant talker who invariably finds the silent solitary one, resume embellishers, opinionated political thinkers, the family-oriented, the recently abandoned, the military's enlisted on leave and veterans in various conditions, the people who shrink in on themselves when La Migra or the narcotics squad springs a surprise inspection.
And its air vents and gear lever gain light metallic grey embellishers to give the interior a sporty feel.
On a national basis, including what the able decorative and embellishers sell, I consider that towel retail value can and should equal sheet sales.
The Custom Websites function provides a customized web-based Hanes Imagewear Catalog Service for promotional-products distributors and embellishers.
The Entrepreneurs Project specialist Angela Braid explained that exhibitions such as this, aid in improving marketing and product development abilities of female sales agents and women embellishers.
For GTi users there are Janspeed rear exhaust silencers and embellishers to change the look and sound of the cars.