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embellish with (something)

1. To decorate something with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embellish" and "with." Yikes, Mom, you don't need to embellish the entire jacket with sequins! Wow, it seems our interior designer got a little carried away, as every room in our house is now embellished with decorative antlers.
2. To include details that stray from the truth. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embellish" and "with." I'm sorry, but that story just sounds too far-fetched to me. I think he embellished it with some lies.
3. To add details to a story, often to make it more interesting. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embellish" and "with." I embellished my article with some quotes from people in the audience that night.
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embellish something with something

1. . Lit. to ornament something with something. He embellished the painting with too many little decorations. The room has been embellished with too many baroque sconces.
2. Fig. to add to a story with detail. The storyteller embellished the tale with the names of people in the audience. I always try to embellish my tales with a little local color.
3. Fig. to add untrue things to a story. He tends to embellish the truth with a few imaginative details. There is no need to embellish this story with anything untrue.
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Embellished collar blouse, PS16; silver sequin midi skirt, PS16; shoes, PS19, all George @ Asda
Pearl embellished, PS24.50, Dorothy Perkins Gold, PS25.20, Wallis Jacquard flats, PS25, M&S Collection If heels aren't your thing, there are plenty of fancy flats on the high street T-bar, PS21.60, Dorothy Perkins
For a Sixties inspired ensemble, wear your minidress with opaque tights and black pumps Ribbed dress |with embellished neckline, PS55, ASOS; black tights, PS5, Marks & Spencer; black patent pumps, PS79, Jones Bootmaker
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CFCs will also be the centre of business development services, access to finance, linkage with input suppliers, nationwide retail chain stores, designers, tracers and other actors of hand embellished fabric value chain.
Regional Director of USAID, Leon S Waskin, said this while speaking at the 'Industry Conference on Hand Embellished Fabrics' recently organised by USAID.
Embroidered & Embellished features over eighty stitches using thread, floss, ribbon and more, providing a strong step-by-step guide in full color and including written instructions that leave nothing to wonder.
The designer, whom Kate often wears, described the fashion icon's look, saying, "The style combines an emerald lace bodice embellished with Swarovski crystals and a pleated skirt, ribbon waisted with a crystal and flower embellishment and matching bespoke clutch bag." ( ANI )
TRY Monsoon Roxbury Sequin Dress, pounds 150 (monsoon.co.uk) EMBELLISH BOOTY Turn every stride into a gold rush with dazzling embellished booties.
The ensemble is embellished with gota and kundan embroidery in artistic motifs.
Summary: Red, green, white & black diamond embellished pen targets patriots
Flowing caftan by swimwear designer Cia Maritima is embellished with green floral print and accessorized with complementary jewelry.
A handful of black-and-white photographic plates illustrate this meticulously documented historical text, embellished with a bibliography and index.