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embellish with (something)

1. To decorate something with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embellish" and "with." Yikes, mom, you don't need embellish the entire jacket with sequins! Wow, it seems our interior designer got a little carried away, as every room in our house is now embellished with decorative antlers.
2. To include details that stray from the truth. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embellish" and "with." I'm sorry, but that story just sounds too far-fetched to me. I think he embellished it with some lies.
3. To add details to a story, often to make it more interesting. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embellish" and "with." I embellished my story with some new lines that I thought a younger audience would like.
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embellish something with something

1. . Lit. to ornament something with something. He embellished the painting with too many little decorations. The room has been embellished with too many baroque sconces.
2. Fig. to add to a story with detail. The storyteller embellished the tale with the names of people in the audience. I always try to embellish my tales with a little local color.
3. Fig. to add untrue things to a story. He tends to embellish the truth with a few imaginative details. There is no need to embellish this story with anything untrue.
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A fan of taxidermy as well as of anything bee-related, Morgan rented two stuffed chickens to embellish the decor further and to corroborate the chicken concept.
Parisian middle classes also acquired material possessions and used the creations of the decorative arts to embellish and decorate their household.
Anecdotes and personal stories embellish his practical, no-nonsense advice on everything from embezzlement, cost control, employee satisfaction, and banking to marketing versus advertising, management versus leadership, and what to watch out for the most when hiring personnel.
Black-and-white photographs, and a handful of timetables and charts embellish the down-to-earth true stories of people who live and work to promote intercultural harmony through shared faith.
95) tells how to embellish handbags, purses and more by following design and production techniques which look professional but can be easily done by beginners.
Structured in the format of an imaginary series of letters from Biblical characters, With Skilful Hand adheres firmly to the content and meaning of the scriptures, carefully avoiding the temptation to embellish with unrecorded details, while creating a highly readable and smoothly flowing rendition that lay people can follow and enjoy as much as scholars.
Wayne Anderson provides lively, creative drawings to embellish the action.
WestPoint Stevens will supply Avanti with solid-color towels from its well-known brands, including Martex, Grand Patrician, Utica and Lady Pepperell, which Avanti will embellish.