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embed in (someone or something)

1. To stick or push something deeply into someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embed" and "in." I think we need to go to the ER—those staples are really embedded in your arm. You really need to embed these nails in the wall, otherwise they won't hold the plank in place.
2. In computing, to insert content into something, often a webpage. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embed" and "in." I think we should embed a video in the article and fill up some of this blank space.
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embed someone or something in something

to insert someone or something in something. The team of oxen embedded their legs in the muddy river bottom. Laura embedded sequins in the candles and turned them into clever gifts.
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embed something in something

to stick something into something. The mugger only embedded his knife in the cloth of the victim's coat. A ring was embedded in the bread dough by accident.
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Embed [l.sub.uv] to [p.sub.i] with max PF, namely [M.sup.L](=[l.sub.uv]) = p 10.
After using the generalized difference expansion algorithm to embed information into the pixel blocks, the mean value of the block pixels should be unchanged, and that is a fairly strict requirement.
The difference expansion watermarking algorithm presented in the previous paper uses the difference between the pixels in the image to embed the watermark.
Then use the difference expansion method to embed a one-digit watermark into [A.sub.1] and [B.sub.1].
In addition, the maximum embedding capacity of this method in a 4 x 4 sub-block is 16-digit watermark, which can embed one-digit more watermark information than the generalized differential expansion watermark algorithm.
Then, based on the watermark information to be hided, properly select the first pixel blocks in the front of the sequence (assume the first k blocks) and embed the watermarks successively;
STEP5: Based on the above method, use the improved generalized differential expansion algorithm to embed the watermark for any selected smooth block [A.sub.i] (0[less than or equal to]i[less than or equal to]k).
In the end, the war was far too short to be a test of the embed program.
When I contemplate the success or failure of the embed program, I think about those briefings in Qatar, at the Pentagon's press office, not the numbing recitation from the podium, but those moments when a questioner, with a newspaper or television transcript clutched in one hand, refuted a bit of stilted Pentagonese by saying, "But an embed with the 3rd I.D." or "ah embed with the 1st Marine Division reported ...