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embed in (someone or something)

1. To stick or push something deeply into someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embed" and "in." I think we need to go to the ER—those staples are really embedded in your arm. You really need to embed these nails in the wall, otherwise they won't hold the plank in place.
2. In computing, to insert content into something, often a webpage. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embed" and "in." I think we should embed a video in the article and fill up some of this blank space.
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embed someone or something in something

to insert someone or something in something. The team of oxen embedded their legs in the muddy river bottom. Laura embedded sequins in the candles and turned them into clever gifts.
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embed something in something

to stick something into something. The mugger only embedded his knife in the cloth of the victim's coat. A ring was embedded in the bread dough by accident.
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However, these were slip modulus in the pull-in test when the embedment length of the deformed bar was 200 mm.
Laboratory simulation of the embedment phenomenon consists in placing a proppant between two cylindrical rock core (Fig.
The above tests show that increasing the inflation pressure, deepening the anchor embedment depth, or increasing the length of the airbag can increase the pullout bearing capacity of the inflatable recyclable anchor.
When the embedment length exceeds 1100 mm, and the distance of the embedment location from the crest is greater than S = 2D, the responses for sloping ground are similar with those for the horizontal ground.
The effect of the vertical location is noted at Figure 9 where the higher state of quantity was recorded when the cavity is located at the same level of an embedment depth of the sheet pile (i.e., at Yu=300mm) and then dramatically decreases with farthest location.
We consider the problem of the bending of an infinite plate (-[infinity] < x,y < [infinity]), containing a cross-shaped, thin, absolutely rigid embedment ([absolute value of (x) [less than or equal to] a,x = 0).
This method partitioned higher and lower QLs into blocks, and then a reversible method is applied to these blocks for data embedment. Chen et al.
The strength or stiffness of the embedment varies with the grouping (Howard 2009).
Vaginal ring entrapment, also referred to as encapsulation, embedment or incarceration, is a recognised complication that is commonly reported in older patients who have either forgotten or neglected their pessary care routine.
Superior Ballistics couples a membrane and proprietary embedment process greatly reinforcing precast members typically fabricated at 2-in.
2012); regenerated arms, columns and spines (e.g., Oji 2001; Baumiller & Gahn 2004; Gahn & Baumiller 2005); organisms contained within pits in crinoid stems (e.g., Franzen 1974; Warn 1974; Welch 1976); and predatory or parasitic borings and embedment structures (e.g., Brett 1978, 1985; Baumiller 1990).
Bucket diameters of 20, 30, and 40 cm and various embedment ratios were considered for the mechanical tests.
However, because most of the studies have focused on a single purpose such as robustness or mass embedment, there is the need for a study considering all aspects of the problem, including robustness, algorithm security, and extraction performance.
There are few studies on the process of nanodiamond embedment into a Sn plate in the lapping process.