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embed in (someone or something)

1. To stick or push something deeply into someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embed" and "in." I think we need to go to the ER—those staples are really embedded in your arm. You really need to embed these nails in the wall, otherwise they won't hold the plank in place.
2. In computing, to insert content into something, often a webpage. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embed" and "in." I think we should embed a video in the article and fill up some of this blank space.
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embed someone or something in something

to insert someone or something in something. The team of oxen embedded their legs in the muddy river bottom. Laura embedded sequins in the candles and turned them into clever gifts.
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embed something in something

to stick something into something. The mugger only embedded his knife in the cloth of the victim's coat. A ring was embedded in the bread dough by accident.
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Street (2010) noted a 40 percent reduction (60% efficiency), and the current TPI document limits connector plate strengths with 1/16-inch embedment gaps to 50 percent of the fully embedded strength (60% of the 1/32-in.
Then, they conduct a parametric study to investigate the effect of the embedment length of the longitudinal reinforcing bar.
The embedment depth hef of anchor-bolt can be varied and the effect of the same can be experimentally studied in detail.
The swelling is amorphous and does not occur in direct proximity of a boring, embedment structure (sensu Brett 1985), encrusting attachment structure or organism within a cavity of any kind.
The incidence of failures resulting in earth movement around the loaded buckets decreased with increasing embedment ratio.
The anchor infill assembly studied in the presented simulation is a two-layer anchor infill assembly with the anchor bar radius of 19 mm and the anchor bar embedment length of 20 time diameter of anchor bar db.
The book lacks both internal consistency and an embedment into a wider scholarly context.
The common critical position--namely, that Herder's focus on humanity's cultural embedment suggests that he is unable to maintain a critical distance to his own thinking and thus unable to address questions of transcultural value--is far too narrow.
The smaller diameter screw and shallower approved embedment allows for faster drilling, less worker fatigue, and less dust.
As the fibres in FRC elements have random orientation and they are uniformly distributed through matrix, they have different embedment lengths and inclination angles at the crack.
Starting with handing over certificates and experience sharing by participants, the event was concluded with Life Talk by Dr Dhanada Kanta Mishra, Director - InSKills and Mr Biswajeet Behuria, Manager, CSR, Essel Mining - where they stressed about the challenges and embedment of goals in individual's life to achieve the dreams.
The embedment resistance of timber under steel washers should be considered in an appropriate design method of bolted timber joints with steel washers or side plates.
The company has also developed a model with built-in signal processing functionality, an element that usually requires external embedment.