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embed in (someone or something)

1. To stick or push something deeply into someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embed" and "in." I think we need to go to the ER—those staples are really embedded in your arm. You really need to embed these nails in the wall, otherwise they won't hold the plank in place.
2. In computing, to insert content into something, often a webpage. A noun or pronoun can be used between "embed" and "in." I think we should embed a video in the article and fill up some of this blank space.
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embed someone or something in something

to insert someone or something in something. The team of oxen embedded their legs in the muddy river bottom. Laura embedded sequins in the candles and turned them into clever gifts.
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embed something in something

to stick something into something. The mugger only embedded his knife in the cloth of the victim's coat. A ring was embedded in the bread dough by accident.
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The embedded Agent's intrusion prevention engine applies behavior patterns of known intrusions to all incoming and outgoing traffic as a second layer of defense.
The embedded Agent dynamically adapts security policies based on the device, the hostility of the network environment, and the access method.
Finally, many financial analysts have endorsed embedded value as providing a clearer and more transparent way of reporting financial performance to the investment community.
In general, analysts feel that embedded value reporting promotes long-term thinking and provides a strong internal economic performance measure.
This course is offered as an elective in UC Irvine Extension's Certificate Program in Embedded Systems Engineering.
Finally today, as part of an ongoing effort to help embedded designers reign in overall costs and speed time-to-market, AMD released three additional RDKs:
Mocana Embedded EAP has an extremely small footprint and supports 12 different authentication methods.
Sentinel RMS-Embedded lets embedded developers track and manage licenses along with the products they control.
AcSys - Selling and supporting LinuxLink by TimeSys to embedded Linux developers in France, AcSys provides support contracts and training to users of embedded operating systems and particularly Linux.
Based on proven success with industry leaders in a wide variety of ColdFire microprocessor applications, MQX Embedded support for the MCF532x and MCF537x families will include the full line of MQX(TM) run-time products including the MQX RTOS and the MQX RTCS(TM) Embedded Internet Stack, the MQX USB Host and MQX USB OTG stacks, the MQX CAN and MQX CANopen software and the MQX PEG Graphical User Interface as well as the state-of-the-art MQX Host Tools.
Objective Interface has collaborated with Interpeak on software optimizations that enhance the performance of networked embedded applications, such as Software Defined Radio (SDR) and cellular base stations.
MQX Embedded, a business of ARC International (LSE:ARK) that is focused on the software needs of embedded system developers, today announced the availability of its MQX Embedded software products for the Applied Micro Circuits Corp.
amp; PARIS -- Trolltech(R), provider of leading technologies that make advanced software faster to build and easier to use, and NeoMore, a technology provider specializing in embedded software products, today announced a partnership to expand the market for Trolltech's embedded software in France.
Digi International (NASDAQ:DGII) today announced that Sistemas Embebidos, a Digi International Company, has been selected by Microsoft for the Gold Level of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partners Program (WEP).
the embedded software pioneer that developed the prototype of the Microsoft Windows embedded operating system more than a decade ago, today outlined a series of strategic initiatives to significantly increase both the product development and the global sales and marketing efforts for its leading embedded software - RTX, ReadyOn and ETS.