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an embarrassment of riches

Too much or more than enough of a desired or needed thing. There are so many stellar applicants for the job that we can't choose between them—it's truly an embarrassment of riches.
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blush with (an emotion)

To have a red face while feeling a particular emotion. I blushed with embarrassment when the teacher caught me not paying attention in class and yelled at me.
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embarrassment of riches

An overabundance of something, too much of a good thing, as in All four of them have their own cars but there's no room in the driveway-an embarrassment of riches . This term originated in 1738 as John Ozell's translation of a French play, L'Embarras des richesses (1726).
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an embarrassment of riches

If you have an embarrassment of riches, you have so many good things or options that you cannot decide which to have or do. With three matches being screened live simultaneously, football fans have an embarrassment of riches to choose from.
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an emˌbarrassment of ˈriches

so many good things that it is difficult to choose just one: Stratford has an embarrassment of riches, what with three theatres and lovely countryside too.
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embarrassment of riches, an

Too much of a good thing, an overabundance. The term is a direct translation from the French, where it first appeared as the title of a comedy by the Abbé Léonor d’Allainval, L’embarras des richesses (1726), translated into English by John Ozell and opening in London in 1738.
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"The Governor Peter Anyang Nyong'o sends an unreserved apology to the family of the first vice president for the embarrassment caused by this publication and for this enormous error," he stated.
class="MsoNormalThe fact is that chances are you are not the only one that has ever walked out of the house with your zipper open, neither are you the first to walk around with a piece of sukuma wiki between your teeth nor are you the only one that has ever suffered the embarrassment of a heel snapping off one of your stilettos in the streets of Nairobi.
Following the embarrassment, the PCB has finally decided to uplift its marketing depart, which currently consist of 13 members, it adds.
This is no doubt another international embarrassment from a President who knows nothing other than to blame people for his own failure.
More specifically, various types of attitudes toward condoms, such as situational embarrassment, have been less explored.
Two anonymous auto-administered questionnaires were specifically designed to collect basic epidemiological data, document medical history, and assess the quality of information provided, along with prevalence and level (0-10 numerical visual analog rating scale) of anxiety, pain, and embarrassment experienced before and/or during the procedures.
'I hope they will just resign on their own to spare the President the embarrassment,' he told reporters in a chance interview.
In 2009 JoAnne Lake was diagnosed with Neurogenic Bladder, finally discovering the cause of years of discomfort and embarrassment. Writing became her therapy and a way to connect with others who shared her diagnosis.
IRISH Water has become an "embarrassment" to the Government, a senior minister has admitted.
According to him, those citizens who do not follow only government-controlled media had a chance of hearing and reading messages and recommendations that could only make their faces flush with embarrassment. If we heard what they said to each other behind closed doors, our concern would probably be much greater than our embarrassment.
The Shura member attributed his call to extend the dress code to the embarrassment and heavy criticism expressed by Saudis after a Saudi woman diplomat was shown giving a speech at the United Nations without wearing a head scarf.
PRESENTER Emma Willis has shaken off the embarrassment of her Big Brother blooper, when she accidentally flashed too much flesh on the launch night on Wednesday.
Voigt's (1), Emma Tieffenbach's (2), and Yashar Saghai's (3) ingenious comments have taught me a lot about nudging, embarrassment, and restriction.
Embarrassment: Brazil's intelligence agency, Abin, admitted Monday that a news report saying it has spied on Iran, Russia and the United States was correct.