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embarrass (someone) into (doing something)

To shame or humiliate someone into doing something. The newspaper ran an unflattering story about our CEO and embarrassed him into donating money to various charities. The other kids embarrassed me into starting the food fight by calling me names.
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embarrass (someone) with (something)

To shame someone with something. Mom, I can't believe you embarrassed me with my baby pictures when all of my friends were over!
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embarrassed about (something)

Shameful about something. I'm so embarrassed about falling down on stage during the talent show! Considering how well you played, you shouldn't feel embarrassed about losing.
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embarrass (one) about (something)

To cause one to feel shame about someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "embarrass" and "about." Don't embarrass him about falling down on stage during the talent show—he's upset enough as it is.
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financially embarrassed

Having little to no money. Any chance we can go out to dinner next week? I'm just a little financially embarrassed right now.
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embarrass someone about someone or something

to make someone feel bad or ashamed about someone or something. Please don't embarrass me by mentioning my mistake again. There is no need to embarrass her about her unfortunate sister.
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embarrass someone into doing something

to shame someone into doing something. They tried to embarrass me into doing it, but I resisted. Juan tried to embarrass Fred into going home early.
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embarrass someone with something

to use something to make someone feel bad or ashamed. Please don't embarrass me with that old story again. Maria embarrassed Henry with a reminder of what had happened.
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financially embarrassed

Euph. broke. I'm a bit financially embarrassed at the moment. Gary found himself financially embarrassed when the time came to pay the bill.
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At times, we were embarrassed because of our performances for the club," he admitted.
However, it is necessary to build the good discussion culture first so that no one gets embarrassed when his or her answer turns out to be incorrect.
Most embarrassing vote: Every time I've voted for a major-party candidate I've felt embarrassed.
Also, the officer in crisis may be too embarrassed to speak to someone he knows.
We embarrassed the fans; we embarrassed the gaffer -and,most importantly, we embarrassed ourselves.
He was embarrassed by this, and I was mildly perplexed and even a little bit annoyed, but not altogether surprised.
If I am embarrassed or caught off guard by the misinformation others receive of me, what about the pleas for help by those who truly face "unclean" situations, pleas that seem to fall on deaf ears?
A crowd gathered outside the shop in Wolverhampton city centre to watch the fire crew free the embarrassed shopper from the police-style cuffs with a hacksaw.
She did not say that she was embarrassed that our government supports the UN, the IMF, and World Bank, all of which support socialist governments and dictatorships that keep their people in abject poverty.
She writes: "No human being deserves to be embarrassed and belittled.
BACK IN THE '50S AND '60s, we used to be embarrassed by the mail orders for all the articles published by Darrell Royal.
Her hypothesis stated that both males and females would feel embarrassed or depressed when asked to remember a bad hair day, but she proposed that females would be more affected than males.
I'd be pretty embarrassed by it and would do whatever was needed" to improve.