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embarrass (someone) into (doing something)

To shame or humiliate someone into doing something. The newspaper ran an unflattering story about our CEO and embarrassed him into donating money to various charities. The other kids embarrassed me into starting the food fight by calling me a wuss.
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embarrass (someone) with (something)

To shame someone with something. Mom, I can't believe you embarrassed me with my baby pictures when all of my friends were over!
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embarrassed about (something)

Shameful about something. I'm so embarrassed about falling down on stage during the talent show! Considering how well you played, you shouldn't feel embarrassed about losing.
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embarrass (one) about (something)

To cause one to feel shame about someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "embarrass" and "about." Don't embarrass him about falling down on stage during the talent show—he's upset enough as it is.
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embarrass someone about someone or something

to make someone feel bad or ashamed about someone or something. Please don't embarrass me by mentioning my mistake again. There is no need to embarrass her about her unfortunate sister.
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embarrass someone into doing something

to shame someone into doing something. They tried to embarrass me into doing it, but I resisted. Juan tried to embarrass Fred into going home early.
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embarrass someone with something

to use something to make someone feel bad or ashamed. Please don't embarrass me with that old story again. Maria embarrassed Henry with a reminder of what had happened.
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financially embarrassed

Euph. broke. I'm a bit financially embarrassed at the moment. Gary found himself financially embarrassed when the time came to pay the bill.
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And one in five worry that the summer holidays mean more opportunities to embarrass.
She'll share her man rather than lose him, and embarrass the pants off everybody in the process (herself included.
START EARLY: You can't embarrass a four-year-old; they haven't learnt to be embarrassed so you can talk about the physical sides of intimacy.
The only disincentive built into the law is negligible: The Registrar-Recorder's Office will print up an occasional report listing violators' names, and this might embarrass them.
com, which quizzed 1,500 children, said: "Parents will always embarrass their children through absolutely no fault of their own.
If you have something to say to me, don't embarrass me in front of everyone,'' Perez said at the time.
And as the row took the gloss off their progress to the World Twenty20 semifinals, Younis insisted any cheats would be caught on camera and warned: "Don't embarrass Pakistan.