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mod. alcohol intoxicated. By morning they were all embalmed.
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embalming fluid

n. strong liquor; raw whiskey. Bartender, pour out this embalming fluid and get me your best.
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So throughout the nineteenth century, local and national authorities wrote several texts to regulate private autopsies, dissections, postmortem examinations in hospitals, embalmment, and moulages (e.
group IV includes products used as food preservatives, antibiodermic products, fluids used in embalmment.
Cremation, as you may know, is the fiery process by which the human body, sans soul, is transformed into pulverized bone fragments and embalmment savings.
At the same time we are preparing an amendment on how crematoria will be operated -- either by the state, public or private organisations so that the cremation and embalmment are carried out in ways that do not affect the environment or public health.
Green burial is a natural process by which a deceased person is laid to rest without embalmment, entombment or the use of non-biodegradable materials.
Lifeless, forced and plodding with a thin, tired script more soggy than pulp, given to clunky exposition like "oh, no, his powers have been fully restored" and with a vapid Ford taking up far too much screen time, it makes you wish for embalmment.