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slang Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really embalmed!
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. By morning they were all embalmed.
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embalming fluid

n. strong liquor; raw whiskey. Bartender, pour out this embalming fluid and get me your best.
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BODY ISSUES Bernie Mack runs her own embalming school in Dublin
You then come back to the police station to get three reports - for the airport, embalming centre and police mortuary - before the body is released," Thamarassery explained.
Dubai [UAE], Feb 27 ( ANI ): The embalming process of the mortal remains of veteran actor Sridevi on Tuesday was completed and were being taken to the Dubai Airport, according to the UAE media.
org/wiki/Jean-Nicolas_Gannal) Jean Gannal  published "Histoire des Embaumements," describing a process that kept the body more or less intact but replaced the body's blood with a preservative 6 a technique now known as "arterial embalming.
After the embalming, the authorities release the body and embalming certificate together.
It's now one of the most profitable and in-demand jobs, especially abroad,' said Lumen Tapia, administrator of the Philippine Embalmers and Undertakers Review and Training Center (PEURTC), one of six DOH-accredited embalming schools.
Our cultural practice of embalming equates to approximately two million litres of embalmed bodily fluids dispersing into the groundwater across the whole of the UK every year.
Morticians massage body parts to help the spread of tinted embalming fluid -- the reality part of a reality show.
The researchers conclude August 13 in PLOS ONE that experiments with embalming substances started surprisingly early and were forerunners of classic Egyptian mummification.
With the countless dollars people now spend on plastic surgery and fillers--I recently read about newly engaged women spending thousands to hide the veins in their hands in order to take selfies of their newly ringed fingers--it looks like our modern age may just be remembered for starting the embalming process premortem.
The firm said: "Following investigations by our Funeralcare business, we discovered that a number of families in two areas had been charged for the service of embalming but that this service was not carried out.
Even families who choose to wait, face paying "unnecessary" embalming costs of up to PS160.
Because Kristy was an only child and I was told that if embalming was to be done it had to be done within 48 hours, and I just wanted Carol to be able to say goodbye to Kristy," Mr Cadman-Jones said.
In this case, it will be a story on the origin of a Canadian practice born in part out of necessity and in part through the entrepreneurial spirit of a Torontonian who served during the American Civil War (1861-1865): the practice of arterial embalming of the dead human body.
8220;It's an important milestone in the death-care community, especially in cases where certain cultures do not permit embalming,” notes McWilliams.