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mod. alcohol intoxicated. By morning they were all embalmed.
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embalming fluid

n. strong liquor; raw whiskey. Bartender, pour out this embalming fluid and get me your best.
See also: embalm
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King, a tutor with the British Institute of Embalmers, said: "Dead bodies are being embalmed anywhere.
Old Embalmer is great upon release, but--true to its name--it will also cellar exceptionally well," said Mr.
Although Lake Washington trains its students in both aspects, a funeral director and an embalmer have separate roles in treating deaths.
My sister and dad don't like the idea of embalming and I can understand that but I'm fine with staying in the room while the embalmer does his bit," she said.
Gunn Funeral Home has appealed the decision by the Arkansas State Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors, which suspended embalmer Derrick Gunn for a year and fined him $1,000.
When I was at university studying for a neuroscience degree, I appeared in a couple of comedy plays but it was really while I was working as an embalmer that I started a routine.
The French embalmers obviously had tried to make her face look as presentable as possible," he said.
The hair and beauty courses on offer at the college may usually be the preserve of budding hair stylists and make-up artists, but Simon's path could be one followed by other potential embalmers, with techniques including make-up application covered.
Just pickle me and put me out on display when I die,'' said Rodriguez, who plays hands-on embalmer Federico Diaz.
Embalmer Iain Close saw red after 72-year-old William Haddow tried to pull out in front of him.
Since then he's been the administrator for a Japanese gold mine in Brazil, a hospital restructuring expert in Los Angeles, a field geologist studying dinosaur remains in Arizona, and, of course, an embalmer.
West Virginia introduced a number of bills dealing with the cremation industry and passed legislation to regulate the proper disposal of human remains by an embalmer or crematory operator.
The embalmer has since been treated with antibiotics and is no longer infected.
Before my grandfather passed ownership of the business on to his children, he set up the bylaws so that you had to go to school and become a licensed funeral director and embalmer before you could participate in the company," says Charles S.
The protagonist, who has been attracted to dead creatures since she was a child, gets a job as an apprentice embalmer, comes to the full realization that she is a necrophile, and pursues her obsession with abandon.