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emancipate (someone) from (something)

To liberate someone from someone or something, often slavery. Abraham Lincoln is remembered for emancipating the slaves from bondage.
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emancipate someone from someone or something

to free someone from someone or something. The president emancipated the slaves from their bondage. The planter emancipated Fred from slavery long before the law was written.
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For black Southerners, Blight notes, Lincoln's image as the emancipator served to legitimize a citizenship historically suppressed or denied by white America.
It was much easier nine years ago when the rage of the Afghan people against the Taliban regime and their medieval practices was touching the peak and they welcomed the foreign troops as their emancipators, to close the Taliban chapter once and for all by focusing on good governance, provision of basic facilities of life and restoration of peace.
Notable graduates of this program include Steven Emancipator, MD; Grace Yang, MD; and myself.
The Great Emancipator believed slavery would die a natural death but rebellion came instead.
"Two prominent ways Lincoln is remembered are as the Great Emancipator and as a rugged frontiersman who was a self-made man, but these perceptions are contested.
This homage is not simply Lincoln as an emancipator but Lincoln as a nonfeminized, distant viewing, sloppy but effective leader.
Oh, he used Lincoln's Bible to swear the bungled oath of office, and rode into town along the railroad route the Great Emancipator had taken.
Cardinal George Mundelein of Chicago identified the Great Emancipator as a closet Catholic.
Even though I acknowledge the emancipator nature of these modes, I show myself in tension with them in terms of their fit with my own geographies and topographies.
Decades later, Ferguson, now a senior editor at the Weekly Standard, examines the Great Emancipator's lasting influence on American history.
the emancipator's picture are doodles and letters, insignia and
"I'mthe emancipator, the creator, the dominator, the innovator, the originator of the boyband," says svengali figureMaurice 'The General' Starr, who created NKOTB.
Or what about the case of one of the Great Emancipator's contemporaries, Benjamin Disraeli, who so ably led the greatest empire of the age?
And Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, suggested that he would assign the superior status to whites, and supported Black colonization because he doubted the ability of free Black people to live successfully among whites.
Van Rijn writes that 300 followers of Elder Michaux's Happy Am I radio preacher program enlisted a special train carrying 20 by 24 paintings of Christ, Lincoln, and Roosevelt titled "The Three Emancipators." "Christ was termed the emancipator from sin; Lincoln emancipator from bondage, and Roosevelt the emancipator from social injustices." (6) Though blacks had little access to political power in the 1930s, African Americans used music to express dissent.