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emancipate (someone) from (something)

To liberate someone from someone or something, often slavery. Abraham Lincoln is remembered for emancipating the slaves from bondage.
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emancipate someone from someone or something

to free someone from someone or something. The president emancipated the slaves from their bondage. The planter emancipated Fred from slavery long before the law was written.
See also: emancipate
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For black Southerners, Blight notes, Lincoln's image as the emancipator served to legitimize a citizenship historically suppressed or denied by white America.
Together with Michael Lamm and Steven Emancipator, she published several classic studies on immunoglobulin A nephropathy.
It is a vibrant and consistently surprising account that chases the wraithlike spirit of the Great Emancipator as it is incarnated or invoked by those around us, usually on less-than-hallowed ground.
I'mthe emancipator, the creator, the dominator, the innovator, the originator of the boyband," says svengali figureMaurice 'The General' Starr, who created NKOTB.
And Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, suggested that he would assign the superior status to whites, and supported Black colonization because he doubted the ability of free Black people to live successfully among whites.
Christ was termed the emancipator from sin; Lincoln emancipator from bondage, and Roosevelt the emancipator from social injustices.
It is ironic that the air machine was the emancipator for figures like H.
The Great Emancipator Daniel O'Connell built the Goldenbridge cemetery because Catholics in Dublin were not allowed to have religious burial services.
The popular portrayals of Lincoln as the Great Emancipator, the Great Commoner and the Savior of the Union are not lies, says Mr.
But in the venerable tradition of malting all great men robustly heterosexual, almost every biographer of the great emancipator has ignored, suppressed, or distorted the abundant evidence that Lincoln was at the very least bisexual in his feelings--and probably in his acts.
He returned to Britain to ride his own horse Emancipator to finish third in the Grand Military Gold Cup in 1938 before falling at Becher's second time round in Battleship's Grand National.
He dismisses the emancipator as a "white supremacist all his life" (p.
More recently, when a visiting lecturer at a university mentioned the Great Emancipator, several female students thought he meant feminist Gloria Steinem.