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emancipate (someone) from (something)

To liberate someone from someone or something, often slavery. Do you think our master will ever emancipate us from slavery?
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emancipate someone from someone or something

to free someone from someone or something. The president emancipated the slaves from their bondage. The planter emancipated Fred from slavery long before the law was written.
See also: emancipate
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Of all those who labored on their behalf, Harriet Tubman was remarkable--not only because of her decision to emancipate herself or because she defied commonly held stereotypes regarding women and African Americans, but because she risked her own safety repeatedly to bring others to freedom.
It was the dream of party chairperson to emancipate the womenfolk from the brutal clutches of poverty and old traditions which is being accomplished by the incumbent government, she added.
This impulse animated the founder of rhythmic gymnastics, Emile Jacques-Dalcroze, as well as the feminist pedagogue Bess Mensendieck, who sought to emancipate women through the rationalization of everyday motions.
To save it from destruction by the man with the machine, it is only necessary to use the Machine to emancipate its qualities .
For many youth who emancipate or age out of the foster care system when they turn 18, homelessness and incarceration, not higher education, are often the alternatives, say child welfare experts.
Delay in the regularization of the AHB employees service was a matter of grave concern, she said adding authorities concerned should took the notice of the issue and emancipate them of hanging sword.
THE COVER OF THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO announces "the end of business as usual" This book is a rebel yell and an attempt to emancipate the "guy in the gray suit," who now wears khaki pants but remains a slave to the old ways.
It's a festival of transgression where porn meets love, Satan plays with puppets, women emancipate themselves through violence and rage, Godzilla spits fire over the hates of hell and even more.
Twenty-six fatwas issued during 1999 were described by the UN Special Rapporteur on Religious Intolerance as an attempt 'to stifle any efforts to emancipate women'.
The book is a manifesto of what he calls "Emancipatory Spirituality"; at its best it might really emancipate.
He said that they would establish such a system in the area which would emancipate the people of their region from the strong clutches of the ruling countries.
I am hoping that the more sensual, relaxed, and less didactic attitude of the late '90s might allow the museum to emancipate itself again from its role as bulwark of art - to redefine itself in terms of the demands of the times.