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emancipate (someone) from (something)

To liberate someone from someone or something, often slavery. Abraham Lincoln is remembered for emancipating the slaves from bondage.
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emancipate someone from someone or something

to free someone from someone or something. The president emancipated the slaves from their bondage. The planter emancipated Fred from slavery long before the law was written.
See also: emancipate
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The informal sector emancipates her from such traditional Black women's roles as mother and domestic worker.
If we miss this opportunity to emancipate the taxpayers of California from the ``compassion'' industry and public-sector unions, we will continue down the road to bankruptcy.
A few slaves might accumulate sufficient cash to buy their freedom or emancipate loved ones.
To emancipate his people and complete his galactic crusade, Haven must prove his mettle in the warrior training grounds and navigate untold dangers to recover the relic that will guide him to the "Golden Voice.
Within two to four years after they emancipate from foster care, 51 percent are unemployed, 30 percent are on public assistance, 25 percent become homeless, and one in five are incarcerated.
To make this staggering assertion work, Hansen overlooks a generation of scholars who have shown that throughout the 19th and early 20th century mass movements to emancipate immigrant workers, women and African Americans were framed in a republican language hostile to monopoly capital.
His will left most of his wealth to his first eight children, but the most valuable property was to be sold and the money used to purchase and emancipate Hannah, his second wife, and her four children.
It was, therefore, not coincidental that legatees began to question parental decisions to emancipate when their own inheritances were markedly diminished.
With a full line of products and services optimized for caching, traffic management, load balancing and more, IPWorX has the means to emancipate today's congested networks.
About half the children who emancipate at age 18 are still unemployed several years later.