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emanate from (someone or something)

To come or radiate from a particular source. A: "Who's playing such loud music at this time of night?" B: "It seems to be emanating from a house across the street."
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emanate from someone or something

to arise from or come out of someone or something. A strange smell emanated from the basement. Some kind of eerie light emanated from the eyes of the statue.
See also: emanate
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Access Communications was among the first public relations agencies that focused on the nexus between technology and business and consumer audiences, while Emanate is known for its relevance marketing approach and deep brand expertise.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 14, 2015-Access Communications, Emanate to Merge
Hence, in humid weather, if water-cascade-cooled cooling towers were used for an atomic power plant, the same kind of water vapor cloud would emanate into the atmosphere.
The combination of the IPNET and IPLITE TCP/IP stacks with the EMANATE family of SNMP agents extends the network management capabilities available for our INTEGRITY and VelOSity operating system," said Dan Mender, Director, Business Development at Green Hills Software.
By coupling the technologies, a Web browser can access SNMP-based management information directly through EMANATE.
today announced an agreement between the two companies to provide the EMANATE Run-time Extensible Agent System on Stratus' Continuum Enterprise Server (CES), an industry-leading family of fault-tolerant computers running Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX(1) Version 10.