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emanate from (someone or something)

To come or radiate from a particular source. A: "Who's playing such loud music at this time of night?" B: "It seems to be emanating from a house across the street."
See also: emanate

emanate from someone or something

to arise from or come out of someone or something. A strange smell emanated from the basement. Some kind of eerie light emanated from the eyes of the statue.
See also: emanate
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Emanate also will use emotion-based research methodologies to gain insights into what motivates audiences.
The runtime extensibility of EMANATE is a perfect match for the QNX RTOS's dynamic architecture, which allows virtually any software component to be started, stopped or replaced on demand.
The beam appeared to emanate from the southwest corner of a residential subdivision east of Interstate 15,'' said a National Transportation Safety Board report.
Based in Woodland Hills, California, EmaNate (electronic media and Net advertising technology experts), Inc.
The bursts emanate from a maser (the radiowave equivalent of a laser) operating in the intense magnetic field of a large sunspot.
The company has preliminarily, but not conclusively, determined that such sales probably emanate from a single shareholder or affiliates thereof.
The combination of the IPNET and IPLITE TCP/IP stacks with the EMANATE family of SNMP agents extends the network management capabilities available for our INTEGRITY and VelOSity operating system," said Dan Mender, Director, Business Development at Green Hills Software.
Best expects much of the QBE Group's loss exposure to emanate through QBE International Insurance Ltd.
By coupling the technologies, a Web browser can access SNMP-based management information directly through EMANATE.
today announced an agreement between the two companies to provide the EMANATE Run-time Extensible Agent System on Stratus' Continuum Enterprise Server (CES), an industry-leading family of fault-tolerant computers running Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX(1) Version 10.
But there's something else out there that not a whole lot of people know about: a P-15 missile that emanates the same clouds of orange smoke.
won the Cold War not only through its military might but the often forgotten ``soft power'' that emanates from upholding our values.
But the show creates such an easygoing atmosphere - as opposed to the manic tone of borderline desperation and palpable fear of flop sweat that emanates from so many other sitcoms - that it's easy to get comfortable with Chris and his pals.
Radon, which emanates from soil, water and rock, often builds up in homes aftering entering through cracks in basement floors (SN:9/18/82, p.