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between (someone or something) and (someone or something else)

1. Of a choice, restricted to two available people, things, actions, etc. We have to choose between the candidate with the most experience and the one with the most qualifications. It looks like I'll have to pick between sleeping and finishing this research paper tonight.
2. Of a communication, existing or intended to remain solely between two parties. Between you and me, I heard that Greg is going to get the promotion. Yeah, the rumor is true, but let's keep that between me and you.
3. Of an interaction, reciprocally involving or concerning the two parties named. At lunchtime, a fight broke out between Scott and the school bully.
4. Indicating the negative cumulative impact or effect of two people or things. Between the stress of work and the demands of my kids at home, I just feel like I don't have anything left for myself at the end of the day.
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between someone

 and someone else and between something and something else
Fig. [of a choice] existing between a selection of people or a selection of things. The choice is between Fred and Jill. It's between chocolate cake and cherry pie.
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