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something else

1. Someone or something that is particularly remarkable, unusual, or impressive. Three touchdown passes in the first quarter alone—their new quarterback is really something else! Having grown up in a typical American city, living in a small Japanese village for a year has been something else! In a year of lackluster releases, her new documentary is really something else.
2. A completely different situation or set of circumstances. Used to emphasize that the reality of something is much more extreme than some other, less problematic condition or situation. Usually followed by "entirely" or "again." Taking a day or two off to deal with the situation is one thing, but being gone from work for nearly a month is really something else. I'm beyond disappointed—I'm completely dumbfounded! I mean, being caught drinking a couple beers or smoking a little pot is pretty on par for a kid your age, but dealing hardcore drugs out of your locker is something else entirely.
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something else (again)

something entirely different. Borrowing is one thing, but stealing is something else. Skindiving is easy and fun, but scuba diving is something else again.
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People who were heavy drinkers themselves were most likely to report harm from someone else's drinking, the study found.
Santander and Heading Home are shining a light on the issue of the working homeless to help foster the kind of compassion and understanding that only comes from stepping into someone else's shoes.
Officials stopped the 35-year-old Pakistani man at the passport control section at Dubai International Airport when he tried to exit the country using someone else's passport in April.
Khan also said that this was the reason why he discouraged leaders from fighting someone else's war.
I thought I had someone else's legs" TV's Ruth Langsford on how she felt on Strictly Come Dancing.
Saving someone else's Snapchats is a little more difficult.
Don Shepherd's 2,218 wickets were considerably more than anyone else's in the world who didn't play in Test cricket.
Summary: Suspect arrested for using someone else's Emirates ID while dropping off goods for detained friend
She was smiling and thinking of else's feelings so Parents The former pupil at Baverstock Academy in Druids Heath, died the following day from her injuries.
The idea is that it will allow users to add their relatable content to someone else's content and vice versa to create a "communal graffiti." The grids are technically infinite, so images can continue to expand in all directions.
How would you like to do something really special and possibly in the process save someone else's life from blood cancers like leukaemia and Aplastic anaemia.
This year, GiveIndia offers you the option to be someone else's Valentine as well by sharing some love by gifting a donation.
someone else's drapes, when you were muzzled, puzzled,
The second chapter headnote, "At the very least about someone else's child, someone else's husband, someone else's dog, and the Sarabande for String Orchestra and Piano by G.
Debut author and winner of The Cheshire Prize for Literature in 2012, Sarah Hilary's first title, Someone else's skin, is the beginning of a new crime series featuring police officer, DI Marnie Rome, who has a tragic past and an insight into domestic violence.