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elope to Gretna Green

To travel somewhere else in order to take advantage of that place's liberal marriage laws. (Gretna Green, a Scottish town on the border between Scotland and England, became a popular wedding destination after the 1754 Marriage Act required parental consent for couples under the age of 21 to get married in England and Wales.) Primarily heard in UK. Did Aunt Barbara and Uncle Al really elope to Gretna Green when they were 18? If your parents don't approve of us getting married, then we should just elope to Gretna Green.
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elope with (someone)

To marry someone suddenly and secretively. I wish I could just elope with my fiancé, but my family is insistent that I have a big wedding.
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elope with someone

to sneak away with someone and get married without much ceremony. Sally eloped with Tom, and everyone was surprised. I don't want to elope with Juan. I want a church wedding.
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23 ( ANI ): A woman was publicly beaten up by her husband on a village panchayat's orders for allegedly eloping with another man in Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr city.
I'm told: "Both Jen and Justin want a private and intimate wedding, and they love the idea of eloping and marrying abroad.
A COVENTRY couple took the unusual step of "eloping" to Blackpool to tie the knot - with the bride's parents in tow.
Summary: Meeting attended by dozens of villagers also agreed to punish those caught eloping
The officer, who told the family of a 14- year- old girl that they should kill her for eloping, has been transferred to the DGP's office.
Local Yemeni press have often reported on young girls who were murdered by families for eloping with men.
The 43-year-old former chat show host got married for the second time on Easter Sunday after eloping with Christian Evans, who she has dated for seven months.
" A few days after eloping, they returned to Bharat Nagar.
Confirming the incident, provincial governor Ghulam Dastageer Azad said couple was shot dead by extremists in front of a mosque after they were caught eloping.
Soon, the villagers held a court at Basbitta village where the eloping couple was produced for trial.
ELOPING: Sian and Sophie play to run away, but will Sally and Rosie stop them?
New Delhi, Jan 8 (ANI): Actress Kate Hudson would prefer eloping to getting married in a "big production" like setting.
Linda Denton, of the Gretna Green Group, said: "We still get 16-18-year-olds from down south eloping here to marry, but that is literally once or twice a year."
COLDPLAY star Chris Martin last night told of his joy at eloping with pregnant girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow.