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elope with (someone)

To marry someone suddenly and secretively. I wish I could just elope with my fiance, but my family is insistent that I have a big wedding.
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elope with someone

to sneak away with someone and get married without much ceremony. Sally eloped with Tom, and everyone was surprised. I don't want to elope with Juan. I want a church wedding.
See also: elope
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We made the best decision that I could ever think of - we are just going to slip off and elope," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Us magazine.
Gardai had launched a massive search after a 25-year-old African tried to elope with innocent Stephanie Domingos.
Her distressed Nigerian mum Adiline and dad Alfred believe she was persuaded to elope with the promise of marriage.
AN explosive incest storyline is set to rock Fair City when siblings Floyd and Heather fall for each other and try to elope.
According to a US newspaper Douglas is vowing to elope with pregnant Catherine unless his mum and dad make peace.
In the hilarious wedding scene she jilts him to elope with Shooting Stars partner Bob Mortimer.
Natalie |Dormer plays Lady Seymour Worsley who elopes with her husband's best friend
Anneth never ask for forgiveness even after she elopes with Matthew, a promising country and western singer, and runs off to Nashville.
In Victorian England, 16-year-old Emilia Daniels, in a fit of rebellion, elopes with the first man to find her attractive.
Margaret elopes with Tom, Lord Lovell marries Lady Allworth, and Sir Giles, from rage and despair, loses his mind.
She elopes with a railway conductor but returns home and eventually becomes the patient and strong wife of a Bohemian farmer.