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eliminate (someone or something) from

To remove or take someone or something away from something. If my favorite team loses tonight, they will be eliminated from the playoffs. We need to eliminate all dairy from this recipe because Jim is a vegan.
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eliminate someone or something from something

to remove someone or something from something. We had to eliminate Jeff from the list. The cook eliminated veal from the menu. She sought to eliminate herself from consideration.
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1. mod. killed. When Frank is eliminated, there will be no competition.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. How can anybody get eliminated on four beers?
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To that end, they have outfitted the Eliminator with all the essentials necessary to achieve that goal.
The designed capabilities of the Eliminator offers several advantages over the types of cutting equipment most often used to reinstate laterals, says Scarrett.
According to owner Michael Bowery, auto-aftermarket supplier Eliminator will design the blocks and heads, work with National Pattern, Saginaw, Mich.
In 2006, Berube's Current Eliminator IV, the predecessor vehicle his Current Eliminator V, earned more prize money than any other dragster in Arizona.
Safely operating on all sizes of fryers, Oil Mist Eliminators can be ordered with any new Heat and Control fryer, or retrofitted to existing fryers.
The visitors triumphed 21-18 and withstood a fierce spell of counterattacking from Hull in the closing stages to set up a meeting with Leeds in Friday's final eliminator.
In turn, it makes flying probes (used as part of the Eliminator test cell) suitable for high-volume and prototype electrical test.
1) DVD-L300 comes equipped with a letterbox eliminator, picture CD viewer, and 10-inch screen, $599.
Food and Drug Administration to market the AKonya Eliminator Plus(TM) Mechanical Thrombectomy Device in the United States.
Three interface adapters let the BA-8180/U power non-ASIP AN/PRC-119, J6634/U, NSN 5940-01-504-5597; ASIP AN/PRC-119F, J-6633/U, NSN 5940-01504-3218; and BA-5590 eliminator, J- 6632/U, NSN 5940-01-504-3217.
It also relieves allergies and itchiness and is a stain remover and overall odor eliminator.
BRIAN MAGEE is being lined up for a world title eliminator with Runcorn's RobinReid if he can successfully defend his IBO supermiddleweight title on Saturday night at the King's Hall,Belfast.
told the transport ministry Tuesday it is recalling a total of 3,000 Eliminator and W650 motorcycles for free replacement of defective parts.