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eliminate (someone or something) from (something)

To remove or take someone or something away from something. A loss tonight would eliminate my team from the playoffs. We need to eliminate all dairy from this recipe because Jim is a vegan.
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slang Murdered. Ray eliminated the informant, just as the boss told him to.
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eliminate someone or something from something

to remove someone or something from something. We had to eliminate Jeff from the list. The cook eliminated veal from the menu. She sought to eliminate herself from consideration.
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1. mod. killed. When Frank is eliminated, there will be no competition.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. How can anybody get eliminated on four beers?
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Adding a series:Just as eliminating a state law liability partition carries Federal income tax consequences under the partnership merger rules, the addition of a new series may cause similar problems.
At a minimum, consider eliminating the requirement to file the form both with the return and separately with the Philadelphia Service Center.
Eliminating the marriage penalty by adopting standard phase-outs for three income levels--low, middle- and high income taxpayers--and adopting one standard phase out method.
Casting allowed material to be added only to the areas that exhibited high stress and by eliminating possible distortion due to weld stress.
It employs a combination of controlled infrared heating and convection to remove water and solvents from the coating, while eliminating the "pops" and pinholes that usually accompany quick drying.
The report weighs the pros and cons of eliminating or limiting deductions for state and local taxes, which could raise as much as $225 billion by 2002.
The taxpayer argued that the carryback was retroactive, extinguishing the deficiency and eliminating the interest charge on the deficiency.
833 (1958)(grading eliminating inadequate drainage); Munroe Land Co.
The simulation indicated that pouring directly through the riser and eliminating the gating would increase yield.
904(c)) was retroactive, extinguishing the deficiency and thus eliminating the interest charges on the deficiency.
An internal study group of the Securities and Exchange Commission has recommended eliminating or modifying hundreds of rules and forms in an effort to improve the disclosure process.