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eliminate (someone or something) from

To remove or take someone or something away from something. If my favorite team loses tonight, they will be eliminated from the playoffs. We need to eliminate all dairy from this recipe because Jim is a vegan.
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eliminate someone or something from something

to remove someone or something from something. We had to eliminate Jeff from the list. The cook eliminated veal from the menu. She sought to eliminate herself from consideration.
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1. mod. killed. When Frank is eliminated, there will be no competition.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. How can anybody get eliminated on four beers?
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Getting rid of non-compatible work and eliminating quality "black holes" will have a synergistic impact in the metalcasting facility.
Eliminating itemized deductions and personal exemptions as adjustments to regular taxable income when determining alternative maximum taxable income.
We believe that the provisions in the bill eliminating the application process for acquisitions by well-managed and well-capitalized banking organizations need to be extended to routine proposals involving nonbanking activities (such as mortgage banking or securities brokerage) that the Board has already determined to be permissible.
Helping to facilitate credit-related and regulatory decisions by eliminating the accounting term "fair value" and utilizing valuation definitions which more accurately reflect value in depressed real estate markets
Sendmail Flow Control enables us to effectively protect against such activities, virtually eliminating events that compromise privacy or threaten system downtime.
However, LLC members who view tile series partition as a shield against state law liability and who do not consider the Federal tax ramifications may face additional unexpected gain on adding or eliminating a series.
I was a little skeptical about the "balance plan," figuring that high-priced facial washes and scrubs were undoubtedly doing more to keep my skin looking good than eliminating dessert, but I was wrong.
both balance shaft covers, eliminating the need for two separate covers and gaskets, and eight mounting bolts for each cover as well as the machining for the cover mounting face, bolt holes and dowel holes; The aluminum block design is 15 lb lighter than the comparable iron design.
May also said eliminating 23 vice principals would save $2.
In a similar vein, BASF's Integrated Paint Process [1FF] cuts costs and emissions by eliminating the primer/surFacer step, and the oven time that goes with it.
CFC trial balance data (Schedule C--Income Statement, Schedule F--Balance Sheet, Schedule H--Current Earnings and Profits) reporting should be accomplished by using standard reports generated from standard tax preparation software program, thus eliminating the need to separately complete these schedules.
The House Ways and Means Committee heard testimony on eliminating the so-called marriage penalty.
Here is one approach to computerized calculation of shrinkage, warpage, and stress that will allow an engineer to vary part design and processing conditions until uniform local shrinkage is achieved, thus eliminating warpage and residual stress.
are eliminating paper charts and resolving the complexities of chart management with the introduction of the award-winning SRS Chart Manager[TM].
Casting allowed material to be added only to the areas that exhibited high stress and by eliminating possible distortion due to weld stress.