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elicit (something) from (someone)

1. To provoke something from someone, typically a specific reaction or emotion. Geez, what did you say to elicit such anger from Ben?
2. To obtain something from someone. Don't worry, our spy will elicit the documents we need from our enemies.
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elicit something from someone

to obtain information from someone. I hoped to elicit a statement from the mayor, but I could not reach her. Larry was not able to elicit anything new from Jane.
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Accordingly, there is a need for high-throughput screens that might help focus and limit testing in mammalian models to those compounds most likely to elicit adverse effects.
The process basically involves putting antigens into plasmids and injecting them into animals or humans (with a syringe or a gene gun) to elicit immune responses (see Figure 1).
Elicits of information functioned to ask the other speaker to supply missing information about which the speaker does not have assumptions, wh forms were used and identification in these cases seems straightforward.
This is the first malaria vaccine to elicit CD4, CD8, and antibody responses in people, he says.
Finally, some environmental estrogens, including the major metabolite of methoxychlor, 2,2-bis(p-hydroxyphenyl)-1,1,1-trichloroethane, have been shown not only to be active at the ER [for review, see Cummings (1997)] but also to elicit biologic actions as an antiandrogen via nuclear hormone-independent mechanisms (Ghosh et al.
Intranasal immunization with SIV virus-like particles (VLPs) elicit systemic and mucosa| immunity.
Early laboratory tests indicated that both college students and experienced police officers trained in this version of the cognitive interview elicited up to 35 percent more information from witnesses of staged events than peers who received no such train ing.
Psychiatrists generally view ECT as an effective way to pull someone out of a depression temporarily, even though the technique elicits intense controversy outside their profession.
Moreover, electrical recordings from taste nerves of primates reveal that the protein elicits a purely sweet sensation, with no aftertaste.
16, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- A toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist in the presence of alum is stable over a month and elicits strong anti-heroin antibody titers and blockade of heroin-induced antinociception, according to a study published online Feb.
Global Banking News-August 23, 2016--Bundesbank plan to raise retirement age elicits anger
Boston, MA, June 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Chih-Jen (CJ) Wei, Director at Sanofi Pasteur will give a presentation on, “A Self-Assembling Influenza Nanoparticle Vaccine Elicits Broad and Potent Neutralizing Antibodies” at the 12th Vaccines Research & Development: All Things Considered Conference on July 9-11, 2014, in Boston, MA, by GTCbio.
Arte Espina splash floral 4200-10 rug PS157.50, from mailorderrugs.co.uk A PSYCHEDELIC approach to floral patterns, this fun option elicits a touch of Magic Roundabout chic.
To cause CTA in the pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis, a sucrose solution, which elicits feeding behavior (i.e., biting), is used as the conditional stimulus (CS), and a KC1 solution, which evokes the whole-body withdrawal response and thus inhibits feeding, is used as the unconditional stimulus (US) (Ito et al., 1999; Kojima et al.; 2001; Sadamoto et al., 2010).