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The looks of surprise which my actions elicited from the Martians were ludicrous; they could not understand, except in a feeble and childish way, such attributes as gratitude and compassion.
But after this he has no more to say; the answers which he makes are only elicited from him by the dialectic of Socrates.
Now this foreknowledge cannot be elicited from spirits; it cannot be obtained inductively from experience, nor by any deductive calculation.
While I acknowledge the success of the present work to have been greater than I anticipated, and the praises it has elicited from a few kind critics to have been greater than it deserved, I must also admit that from some other quarters it has been censured with an asperity which I was as little prepared to expect, and which my judgment, as well as my feelings, assures me is more bitter than just.
The theorem that the square of the diagonal is double the square of the side--that famous discovery of primitive mathematics, in honour of which the legendary Pythagoras is said to have sacrificed a hecatomb--is elicited from him.
On the way, Arthur elicited from his new friend a confused summary of the interior life of Bleeding Heart Yard.
Instead of offending my gentleman I had put him on his mettle, and for half an hour he honored me with the most exhaustive inquisition ever elicited from a medical man.
These ideas, however, are not elicited from the student.
Here, the student indicates that she agrees with what has been stated by the preservice teacher, but the understanding was not elicited from the student.
Motivation and confidence to make a change, as well as recognition of the change as important, are elicited from the client rather than prescribed by the dentist or dental hygienists.
Cues elicited from the client help direct the way that further information is provided.
Three outcomes were not elicited from workshop participants, but were included in the questionnaire because of their importance to the study: knowledge gain, performance gain, and student performance gain.
In "Countdown to Unhappiness," Sophie Calle will regale visitors with the story of her most miserable experience, as well as tragic tales she has elicited from others over the years.
Similarly, Jones, Farina, Hastorf, Markus, Miller and Scott (1984) regard the reactions and evaluations elicited from other people to be "disproportionately" negative (p.
The physician or other provider is in the best position to apply a severity measurement system because certain specific information must be elicited from the patient.