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elicit (something) from (someone)

1. To provoke something from someone, typically a specific reaction or emotion. Geez, what did you say to elicit such anger from Ben?
2. To obtain something from someone. Don't worry, our spy will elicit the documents we need from our enemies.
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elicit something from someone

to obtain information from someone. I hoped to elicit a statement from the mayor, but I could not reach her. Larry was not able to elicit anything new from Jane.
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At this point, the preservice teacher had elicited the student's understanding of one key component of the process, the combining of the six and the two.
The article studies whether there is any association between the number of laughs elicited by a member during a meeting, on one hand, and the member's expectations about the macroeconomy, on the other hand.
The performance score on the items was graded according to the number of times an item was elicited during the 4 episodes of consent administration.
Typically, an unconditioned response or reflex that is elicited by an unconditioned stimulus will show habituation if the stimulus is repeated (Gluck et al., 2008).
When the whole-body withdrawal response was elicited by the KC1, the heart stopped beating.
I have also found that flight responses can be reliably elicited by dropping a push-pole from a platform onto the deck of a skiff.
During a dressing change with either Silvadene or a collagen alginate, six elicited a 5 (actual crying), six elicited a 4 (significant grimacing), and three elicited a 3 (facial frowning/slight grimacing).
An informal qualitative evaluation elicited workshop attendees' beliefs about the workshops shortly after each was concluded.
1998), CPF elicited a significant reduction in [[sup.3]H]thymidine incorporation that was sustained through the 3 days of treatment.
Like Mahler, she has elicited powerful performances from the ABT dancers, especially David Hallberg in the role of Death, whose slow, deliberate, weighted movement leaches terror on the darkened stage.
Vaccination of crows with Kunjin virus, a subtype of WNV, protected against WNV, and a DNA vector, which elicited expression of attenuated Kunjin virus, provided protective immunity against WNV in mice (46).
Another physician, passing by the room immediately recognized the posturing and elicited a history of past prochlorperazine use for vomiting.
Kohn's own research for Shooters, some of which appeared in this magazine ("Their Aim Is True," May 2001), elicited predictable responses.
The alternate binaural bithermal caloric test elicited a 0% reduced vestibular response and a 0% directional preponderance.