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elicit (something) from (someone)

1. To provoke something from someone, typically a specific reaction or emotion. Geez, what did you say to elicit such anger from Ben?
2. To obtain something from someone. Don't worry, our spy will elicit the documents we need from our enemies.
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elicit something from someone

to obtain information from someone. I hoped to elicit a statement from the mayor, but I could not reach her. Larry was not able to elicit anything new from Jane.
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"We are pleased and honored to be working with Elicit Magazine," says David Wimble, Founder of The Indie Bible.
Modern viral vaccines typically use lab-grown viral proteins to elicit an immune response that protects people against future exposures to a virus.
They then rated how much they liked each option and predicted the emotional response and satisfaction that each option would elicit.
As teachers elicit ideas from children in classroom teaching, they make sense of those ideas (i.e., interpret them) both to ask additional questions to learn more about student thinking and to respond to ways to support student learning.
ANZ and CBA's insurance businesses have elicited interest from bidders.
They also claimed that a clinical domain library could help them to elicit accurate functional requirements.
Instead, this article addresses whether--as Krugman seems to suggest--members elicit laughter because they are unconcerned or even complacent about threats to the economy.
"Selecting Shylock to elicit the answer 'Jew' demonstrates cultural ignorance and an extreme lack of sensitivity.
Coyne et al.'s storybook intervention included the use of questioning to elicit children's responses.
Modification of the checklist was done to include demographic characteristics of the PGSs and methods used to elicit the elements.
Four research assistants were involved, one of whom had volunteered to be videotaped and exposed to an eliciting stimulus; we initially needed to determine an effective unconditioned stimulus (US) with which to elicit the startle reflex, with the designated volunteer out of the room.
We here hypothesize that in Lymnaea after the establishment of CTA with 50 or more pairings of the CS-US, the CS (sucrose) would elicit a fear response rather than an appetitive behavior (biting).
All weekend boaters seem to know instinctively the very best way to elicit flight responses in deeper water, which is by heaving out the anchor as high and as far as one can, thus creating a noise roughly equivalent to the launching of a World War I depth charge, and eliciting flight responses from fish as far below as 60 feet.
Silica nanoparticles (SiNPs) are being formulated for cellular imaging and for nonviral gene delivery in the central nervous system (CNS), but it is unclear what potential effects SiNPs can elicit once they enter the CNS.