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(a) quarter of (a given hour in time)

A quarter of an hour (15 minutes) before the named hour in time (e.g., "quarter of six" would mean 5:45). Primarily heard in US. A: "What time does the movie start?" B: "Not until a quarter of eight, so we've got plenty of time!" I thought I'd be home already, but with this traffic, it'll be quarter of before I'm back.
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quarter past (a given hour in time)

A quarter of an hour (15 minutes) after the named hour in time. A: "What time does the movie start?" B: "Not until a quarter past eight, so we've got plenty of time!" I thought I'd be home already, but with this traffic, it'll be quarter past before I'm back.
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up to eleven

To an intense, excessive, or extreme degree; at or beyond the maximum amount or normal threshold. (Coined in the 1984 comedy film This is Spinal Tap, referring to the guitar player's amplifier going to eleven, as opposed to the traditional limit of ten.) Some of the best nights we had when we were teenagers were spent just driving aimlessly, cranking the car stereo up to eleven. Whenever our parents' fighting got up to eleven, my sister and I made ourselves scarce.
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at the tender age of

At the young age of. This phrase is used to emphasize how young one was when one did something in particular. The age is stated after "of." I'm not surprised to hear that he was doing science experiments at the tender age of seven—he's a child genius!
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ground zero

The site of any disaster; specifically, and often capitalized (Ground Zero), the site of New York’s World Trade Center, wrecked by airplanes on September 11, 2001. Originally the term designated the central point of a nuclear detonation or similar large blast, but since the attacks of 2001, often referred to simply as nine-eleven, it has been used both specifically and metaphorically. It was first used with reference to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and then was extended to other disasters, such as earthquakes. Referring to the economic downturn, a character in Ian Rankin’s novel The Complaints (2009) asked, “Does nobody realize this is Credit Crunch Ground Zero?”
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"How many runs?" Away scamper three boys to the scoring table, and are back again in a minute amongst the rest of the eleven, who are collected together in a knot between wicket.
Aislabie, who came in for the last wicket; how the Lord's men were out by half-past twelve o'clock for ninety-eight runs; how the captain of the School eleven went in first to give his men pluck, and scored twenty-five in beautiful style; how Rugby was only four behind in the first innings; what a glorious dinner they had in the fourth-form school; and how the cover- point hitter sang the most topping comic songs, and old Mr.
The Doctor started for the Lakes yesterday morning, after an interview with the captain of the eleven, in the presence of Thomas, at which he arranged in what school the cricket dinners were to be, and all other matters necessary for the satisfactory carrying out of the festivities, and warned them as to keeping all spirituous liquors out of the close, and having the gates closed by nine o'clock.
In results provided by executive committee member Edmundo Rooi, ||Kho-khoen annihilated a hapless ||Goa-!Haob Football Club (FC) 11-0 in the first match on Saturday, with Black Stars defeating Bafana Eleven 1-0 in a hard fought match.
ISLAMABAD -- The Senators Eleven, the Cricket team of the Upper House of Parliament Friday defeated the Parliamentarian Eleven, the team of National Assembly in a friendly match at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium by 63 runs.
The teams which qualified for the quarter finals are PakWarriors, Sangla Eleven , Kazmi Eleven, Sunny Eleven,Zain Eleven ,United Eleven, Haq Bahoo Eleven and Panther Eleven.
In the first match, United Eleven defeated Super Kings Eleven by 23 runs while Pak Warriors beat ACES Eleven by 15 runs in the second match.
ISLAMABAD: Media Eleven defeated Parliamentarians Eleven by 67 runs in an exhibition match here at Shalimar Cricket Ground on Thursday.
NAWABSHAH -- A Kashmir Day Netball Tournament arranged here by Sindh Sports Board (SPB) was won by Kashmir Eleven that bear Shahbaz Eleven with 16-13.
6 November 2018 - Canada-based marketing communications company Vision7 (V7) has acquired award-winning San Francisco-based creative agency, Eleven, the company said.
The TV rights to Italian football had previously been owned by BT Sport, but they have since been acquired by Eleven Sports, who are currently relatively unknown in the UK.
Ideas started forming, and the New York firm agreed to design its first Minnesota project a luxury condominium tower named Eleven. The idea for the condos had been hatched earlier that year when the Lakes Sotheby's team started looking for riverside property for a potential condo project in downtown Minneapolis.What they found was a parking lot at 11 W.
Historically, Lotus have reserved the "eleven" nomenclature for models that bridge the gap between road and track in the most direct way.
Popular global 24/7 convenience store chain 7 Eleven opened its first store in Agusan del Sur here on Friday.
Summary: Investments with foreign participation in service activities increased from 101.4 MD during the first eleven months of 2016 to 200.6 MD during the first eleven months of 2017, soaring 97.8%,